Why Should You Use WinForms Charts?

Wondering if you have enough reasons to use WinForms Charts? Do not worry if you don’t have already. This article is dedicated to giving you more than enough reasons to get started with WinForms Charts.

It is needless to mention the importance of charts in every sector of our work life-especially if you are in a department that is oriented to finances. With the increasing demand for a high throughput chart control, every graphical class library is undergoing continuous changes and updates to stand out from the rest.

WinForms Charts have also taken the initiative to bring more dimensions and functionalities to its users while working with it. Developers are of the opinion that with the latest updates and features, it has become the most potent platform for customization of charts and graphics using a simple series of steps.

You will surely be amazed by the diversity of features and functionalities WinForms Charts offer you with. The following are a few of the popular and useful features which have revolutionized the game of digital representation altogether.

  1. Diversity In Terms of Chart Types:

WinForms Charts have a long list of chart types from which you can select your ideal type. It can vary from simple bars and columns to highly advanced types such as XY charts, Trader charts, 3D charts, Maps, and many more charts. In a nutshell, you can design your charts and graphics just the way you imagine. With WinForms Charts, your data charts will not be limited in terms of diversity and flexibility.

  • Easy and Wide Range of Customization:

You will only get to know about the range of customization you can opt for after you give this a shot. Starting with changing the background and layouts of the charts, interior and exterior borders of the charts, inputting various symbols and labels for easy understanding of the data to forming customized chart forms, orienting axis labels, incorporating gridlines, etc., the list is neverending. Each of these features can be further altered based on your preference. The customization tool is the backbone of the WinForms Charts, and it is of immense help while creating high-quality data charts and tables.

  • Zoom-in Data According to Your Convenience:

If you have prior knowledge and experience working with other platforms, you will know that they do not allow you to zoom in and scroll through the data for a more comfortable analysis. However, with WinForms Charts, you can easily locate a particular area, and by clicking and dragging, you will be able to have a zoomed-in image of that area. As soon as you zoom-in, you will also be able to scroll through the other areas and have a complete zoomed-in tour of the data chart.

  • Hassle-free Export to other Applications:

When you are done designing your masterpiece e in the form of charts or graphics, you will naturally have to save it for future use. In order to save it, you will have to export the chart to other applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Grid, etc., or you can save it as a SVG file. With other platforms, you will have a hard time exporting and saving the charts. Although with WinForms Charts, you can save your construct in a hassle-free manner.

  • Automated Coloration of the Data Points:

If you are using WinForms Charts, you will not have to worry about the outlook of your data charts at all. This is because, even if you fail to choose or specify colors for your different data sets, it automatically adds a default set of colors for each of the data sets and makes your presentation look more prominent. You can customize these colors and add other dimensions if you want.

Did You Learn How WinForms Charts Can Make Your Data Charting Easier and More Professional?

This article was an overview of how WinForms Charts can make your work life better through these amazing features and functionalities. It is recommended to study and see each of these features personally if you want to know the depth of it. It can be assured that you will be hugely benefitted from it.

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