Maa Kali who is the Hindu goddess is often misinterpreted because of her demeanor. Due to her appearance which is rather fierce, dark, and fearsome, Kali is considered as a goddess who is not as kind as her other forms like Durga or Parvati.

Ramakrishna Paramahansa, a Hindu saint first introduced Kali as the supreme mother of all. He was also the one who brought the Yoga to the world and made people aware about its importance.

However that was the era of foreign powers, and not everyone understood and accepted the idea that Kali should be considered as the Universal Mother, and that too when she was from a backward country like India.

The Truth Behind Maa Kali’s Demeanour

Though Ma Kali is still seen as evilsome and angry, she actually has a heart like a mother who always takes care of her children, her devotees. She is the ultimate power that can keep any negativity and wicked power at bay.

No dark power is stronger than Kali because she is created to destroy negativity, but that doesn’t hide the fact that she is a Goddess who created by the Tridevs and their divine powers.

Kali is the goddess of death and destruction but she destructs evil, wrongness, and everything that paves the goodness. She is a deity who has no illusions, and the same she blesses her devotees with and brings them mental peace.

Kali is worshipped in tantric poojas but she is also worshipped by the brahmins depending on one’s intentions she adopts Kali in a tantric or brahmin way.

Kali is associated with Shiva; she rules the time, and hence she is the beginning and end of everything. Kali is the source of establishing balance in nature, she is the destruction of ignorance and a foundation of knowledge. Those who worship Kali receive her immense blessings which bestows one with a healthy and wealthy life free from any mental illness.

Sri Ramakrishna after his nirvikalpa samadhi realized that Maya is none other than Kali. He realized that Kali is the supreme power that runs this universe. She is the one that creates the world, destroys it, and then projects it again.

She is the creator of all the rules in the world. She is the one responsible for the law of Karma that a person receives the fruit of his Karma. Only by her grace, it is possible to liberate from this world of illusion and get the Moksha. Kali is the one who runs this cosmic play, and by her grace one can ger free from all kinds of bondages.

Maa Kali’s Influence in the Yoga Shakti

Maa Kali Puja is the source of Yoga Shakti, the awakening of Kundalini happens by her grace only. The powerful transformation that we encounter only after kundalini awakening is the result of Kali’s blessings. One experiences the dissolvement of chakras and liberation from all materialistic illusions after activating kundalini. 

So in the Yogic world, Kali is the divine source, and by worshipping Kali, one can free the Kundalini Shakti in the body.

Those who seek the divine light, a life out of materialistic aspects should worship Maa Kali and savor the eternal enjoyment which is not possible otherwise. If we expect to change our consciousness hugely and establish a better understanding, Kali is the path that makes you reach to the ultimate light across all the darkness of life.

The Incarnation of Kali

As per a great legend, kali was formed when a demon named Raktabija was harassing the kindness. It became impossible to defeat the demon because every drop of his blood acted like a seed which again gave birth to a new demon. So every drop of spilled blood was turning into a new demon.

That is where the Tridevs incarnated a fierce female power that can be capable of defeating demon-like Raktabija. This incarnation was called Kali because of her dark and destructive avatar.

When Kali went on the ground, she started swallowing every demon produced. In the end, she fought with the original form of Raktabija, and she ensured that no blood drop touches the ground.

Kali swallowed his every replica and drank every single drop of Raktabija’s blood with a pot that she can be seen holding in her hand.

Taking the legend forward, it is also said that once Kali finished Raktabija, her blood lust became uncontrollable. As a result, she started killing the innocents and drank their blood. Seeing this, the Gods became extremely worried, and they were unable to decide how to stop Kali from this behavior.

All the Gods and God-like approached Shiva for help since Shiva was the only one to handle this kind of situation and help humanity and the universe. Shiva then lies down in front of Kali, and accidentally while fulfilling her blood lust, Kali stepped onto Shiva.

Soon realized she got ashamed of her act and right away out of embarrassment her tongue came out. Shiva was the ultimate help in stopping Kali because he was her husband and as a wife, she can’t step onto her husband. After the incident, she immediately came to her original form and the destruction was stopped.

Shiva lying at Kali’s feet symbolizes that she is the supreme powerful force and even Shiva without Shakti is nothing. Being such a powerful goddess, Kali is worshipped in both the tantric and Vedic way. Due to her relationship with Tantra, she is the prime idol that is mentioned in ancient magical stories.

Invoking Kali means worshipping the one who rules the time, who creates the universe, controls it, and destroys it. That is how the worshippers of Kali become blessed with a life full of power and goodness because ultimately Kali symbolizes mother nature and she is always nurturing and devouring.

Kali is worshipped every year on the night of Diwali and the Navratris. This year too devotees will call the goddess to seek her blessings in their life.