Powertrac Tractor, Why Powertrac Tractor is Preferred by Indian Farmers

Powertrac tractor is the well known and most used tractor in India. It has advanced features that make it a favorite of every farmer. It is a multipurpose tractor that performs multiple operations efficiently. The tractor is used in the agriculture industry and Construction industry. Powertrac has qualities that prove that it is the best in class and an excellent performer. With the implements, it improves farming productivity. 

The Journey of Powertrac tractor 

Powertrac tractor belongs to the Escorts group. In 1944, two brothers Har Prasad Nanda and Yudi Nanda, founded Escorts agent Ltd. Escorts Limited was established in 1960 after the company set up its manufacturing base at Faridabad. In starting the company manufacturing x-ray machines with the collaboration of Westinghouse and Heating Elements with Elpro. 

Powertrac Tractor Range

Powertrac tractor offers various ranges starting from 25 – 75 HP for small and marginal farmers. It is available in 4wd, ac cabin, mini tractors for different farming works. It comes with innovative technology and unique design. It has various types of tractor for farmer’s convenience. Powertrac tractor comes with many useful features that improve farming output. These ranges consist of different qualities to perform various farming operations. 

Features of Powertrac Tractor

Here are the features of Powertrac tractor in India. Check out below. 

Installing the Implements

Various farming implements are easily attached to the tractors that help process the soil for plantation, planting, and harvesting. Powertrac can also be efficiently used to provide fertilizers to lands of large areas.

Easy Operating

Powertrac tractors are designed with secure and straightforward parts or systems that help farmers to operate. It has the least complicated system so farmers can quickly and securely drive tractors. It has easy operating, which results in fewer accidents and less safety training required. And also, Powertrac provides manuals that help farmers to understand the applications of tractors. 

Ease of Installing Farming Elements

When you have Powertrac tractors with you in the field, you can easily install the various elements with a front-load or a backhoe. These operations usually consume a lot of time, but with a Powertrac, each task can be completed in a matter of a few hours. A Powertrac tractor increases productivity and ensures that the task is done to perfection. 

Economical Mileage

Powertrac tractor has an economic Mileage that saves the farmer’s income. It keeps in the field for a long period and gives more output. Mileage decides the power of the tractor, so the tractor works for more time with limited fuel. Economical Mileage provides tractor power to stay in the field for a long time. Powertrac tractor consumes less fuel that saves money of Indian farmers. 

Beneficial Accessories

Powertrac tractor provides beneficial accessories for farmers like a bumper, hitch, TopLink, hook, canopy, and drawbar. Accessories are the demand of farmers, and Powertrac fulfills this demand. 

Durable and Versatile

Powertrac tractor is versatile and durable and is commonly used in crops like wheat, rice, sugarcane, and others. Powertrac tractors provide a high hydraulic system meaning it can easily pull and push heavy implements that make farming smooth and efficient. It has a substantial and robust body that helps the tractor. Powertrac tractors can face every type of seasonable barrier and do work efficiently. It is a long-lasting, strong, enduring, challenging, and sturdy tractor. 

Technically Smart

Powertrac tractors come with technically smart features that make developing farming more productive. It consists of different types of characteristics that make it the best tractor. 

  • Fuel efficient
  • Heavy lifting capacity
  • Safe brakes
  • Superior gearboxes
  • Excellent tyres
  • Comfortable seat
  • Smooth steering system
  • Easy to maintain

These are the best features of Powertrac tractors that do farming tasks effectively. Additionally, it comes with a large fuel tank that gives the tractor strength to stay in the field for a long time. These features are perfect for enhancing production. 

Operating and Transmission System

It comes with an automated transmissions system that provides smooth operation. It offers technically advanced features that are suitable for developing farming. Powertrac tractor understands the need and demand of Indian farmers so that it gives all-new vital technology. 

It is capable of decreasing stress through exclusive shift control and an automatic responsive transmission. These new features ensure farmers are as safe as possible when operating the tractor. Besides that, they come up with a power steering, which makes turning as effortless as it can be.

Powertrac Tractor is Cost-Effective

Powertrac tractor price is affordable and appropriate for farmers. It is profitable for farmers. It not only brings all qualities but also keeps the budget of the farmer in mind, so Its price is low. Powertrac tractors come at an appropriate and reasonable price for Indian farmers.