Why make transparent glasses trendy for all seasons?

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It’s well established that boring glasses are out of everyone’s closet. In 2021 at least, we aren’t welcoming any stylish other than a stunning and diverse range of eyewear. Glasses are no longer the medical tool for correcting your vision, it’s a (bold) fashion statement. With new styles and designs coming, eyeglasses are getting even more popular among men and women who don’t even have a prescription. 

And the tradition of one frame for a lifetime is no longer a piece of good news, you must have a frame for every game. No more boring frame for your whole four years of Uni life or your corporate year, make your style experimental and adventurous. Cue – Transparent glasses, one of the most modern and trendy frames from the past couple of years which are still going strong. It’s unique, different, hip, and utterly stylish. 

Here’s what makes Transparent glasses the trendiest for all seasons. Giving you a major hint for what frame you must buy next if you haven’t already. 

1. Transparent glasses are fresh yet subtle 

Many of us want to keep our style fresh and distinctive, not in people’s faces. The clear frame glasses do exactly that, keeping your style interesting yet lowkey. Coming with no colour, or maybe light translucent colours of pink, blue, orange, violet and others, these frames aren’t too bold or outrageous.

It’s perfect for people who don’t like too much makeup. If you are into heavy makeup then you must avoid transparent glasses. These are the epitome of a simple, somber, and refreshing style that manages to catch attention from people for its distinctive and youthful appeal. 

2. Fashion designer love Transparent Frames

If you thought transparent glasses were another wack trend off the internet, then you are mistaken. The transparent frames are approved by global fashion designers like Frida Gianni, Tom Ford, and Stella Mccartney for their unique design and appeal. Apart from using clear design in their iconic fashion staples like beaded bags, transparent trench coats, and white shoes, the trend on eyewear is quite a modern move. 

Thereby, by wasting no more time, we can easily claim transparent glasses to be trending for a couple of years for both men and women. From going for a subtle look to dressing bold and confident, transparent frames are perfectly reliable. 

3. Transparent Frames are Durable & Sustainable

If you are buying online prescription glasses in plastic, it won’t last long or prove good for the environment. With more and more rise in sustainable fashion, transparent glasses bring you a perfect pair of eyewear that’s eco-friendly and sustainable. Transparent glasses are mostly made out of bio-cellulose acetate that’s produced from renewable materials like cotton see fibers and wood fibers. And transparent frames are also durable. Don’t you want a pair that last longer? Acetate frames are a lot stronger, more durable, and flexible than your regular plastic, making them a superior choice of frames. It’s also more resistant to pressure placed on frames and can effortlessly bend without breaking or going out of shape. 

4. Transparent Frames are suitable for all outfit

Finally, the one you’ve been waiting for! Yes, transparent glasses can suit you sweatpants and pencil dress when you step out. From your basic white tee and blue jeans to a wholesome party look, transparent frames are suitable for all outfits. Being colorless as a benefit, the glasses blend in quite perfectly with every wardrobe shade of yours.

Since transparent glasses are crystal clear, it kind of works extraordinarily in giving a bold contrast with formals. If you want to add some light colours to your transparent frame, go ahead and do it. From casuals to formals, transparent frames got a rage for you to choose from.



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