Why is motorcycle safety gear in motorcycle riding apparel important?

Motorcycling is a growing trend since the last century. With the increase in the number of motorcycle riders, there is an increase in the need for protective measures in motorcycle riding apparel. motorcycle accidents result in serious and life-threatening injuries. The consequences of these injuries can affect the whole life of the rider. The injuries can result in paralysis or even the loss of arm or leg. That’s why the motorcycle riders should invest in some good quality motorcycle safety gear.

Motorcycle riding apparel should have many protective features that would protect the rider from injuries. The motorcycle safety gear should consist of all of the items that a rider might need to protect himself during the motorcycle ride.

Motorcycle safety gear must contain everything from protective helmets to armored gloves, Kevlar jeans, hoodies, protective shirts, heavily lined jackets, leather boots, and eye protection shields. Before going on a motorcycle ride, the rider must ensure that he has stocked up all the important items that make up the protective motorcycle riding apparel. following are some of the important components or motorcycle safety gear:

·         Protective helmet:

Protective helmet is the most important component of motorcycle safety gear for any type of motorcycle rider. Padded on the inside with foam or other soft protective material, the protective helmet not only saves the rider from hitting on hard surfaces in case of fall but also reduces the impact of force that results from the fall.

·         Kevlar jeans:

Kevlar jeans are the best to wear on the motorcycle rider. Not only they provide abrasion resistance, but also insulation from the extreme conditions of weather. Their importance in the motorcycle riding apparel is imminent. They provide extreme resistance to cuts, slashes and punctures in case of accidental fall.

·         Protective jackets:

Protective jackets are also one of the most important components of motorcycle safety gear. They cover the whole trunk region of the motorcycle rider. They fit tightly to the chest and back and reduce the impact of force during an on-road accident. They can be made of different protective materials like Kevlar or leather. They also look very good with the rest of your motorcycle riding apparel.

·         Leather boots:

Boots are very important in motorcycle safety gear.The rider should wear leather boots to keep his ankles and feet intact. Most importantly, these shoes keep the rider’s feet safe during an impact or in case of extreme twisting. A pair of casual shoes will merely slip off in the event of motorcycle accident, but leather shoes will provide full protection in motorcycle riding apparel.

·         Motorcycle Gloves:

Protective Kevlar gloves are also an important part of motorcycle riding apparel. These gloves protect your hands. They absorb all the vibrations produced and keep the fingers from getting the tingling feeling and getting numb. The armor in the fingers also protect the knuckles from breaking in accidental fall.


This article highlighted the importance of motorcycle safety gear for motorcycle riders in motorcycle riding apparel.

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