Why Is Giving Important | Five Reasons to Give to Charity

Donating to causes is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your lifetime. It shows you care a lot about people, and you’re grateful for a lot of things. Coming across people who are deprived of basic needs is heart-wrenching. But as humans, we can always lend a helping hand and help those in need by donating to charities. It’s a highly rewarding act as not only charities benefit from it, but thousands of people are going to eat better, sleep better, and dress better because of your donation. There are thousands of people who support several charities on a regular because they believe it makes a huge positive impact.

Why Do We Need To Donate To Charity?

Having access to basic needs such as clean water, a home, electricity, and clothing is nothing short of a blessing. We have a lot to be grateful for, and we can always be a support system for those who don’t. Let’s look at some of the reasons why giving is an important part of living a rewarding life.  

1. It Makes You Feel Empowered

Donating to your favorite charity or cause is one of the best ways to lift your mood. Knowing you’re helping someone in need makes you feel empowered. Many studies and reports have reported a positive activity that takes place in a specific region of the brain that releases ‘happy’ hormones when you donate. Donating makes you feel content and happy, which is why you feel better when giving than receiving. The joy one feels from giving is a significant reason why people donate. 

2. It Supports Personal Principles And Values

A sense of social responsibility was reported as a big reason for donate to charity. Social conscience in Society drives you to do better for others. Many people feel that regardless of the charity they support, they play a significant part in boosting the morality of the Society. When they have the power to help those in need, they have a moral duty to fulfill. It’s a sentiment embedded in their moral beliefs and principles.

Using the privilege and power to support the livelihood of other people comes from a sense of obligation and responsibility. Everyone has their way of reinforcing their personal beliefs and values, and donating to charities is a way of reinforcing their own ethical beliefs.

3. It Has A Positive Impact

Most people worry about their donations being reduced in value because of administrative charges or tax, which doesn’t allow the charity to receive the full amount. However, many charities and causes have worked tirelessly to avoid this from happening to ensure they make the most of every penny they receive in charity.

If you live in the UK, You can increase the amount of the donation you make by transferring through Gift Aid; it is an Income Tax relief program designed to prevent tax and administrative costs cut from the donation. You can also directly donate from your salary before tax is charged by using specific schemes, you can donate shares directly, and you can also leave a significant charitable value or donation in your Will. Through such methods, you’ll be able to make sure the charity you’re giving to it able to make the most out of your donation.

4. You Teach the Value of Generosity to Children

Let’s take kids, for example. They learn more from seeing than hearing. If they see you do good, they’ll be encouraged to do it too. Once you begin sharing the joy of giving to those less fortunate, you’ll notice the shift in their perspective at an early age. Sharing the sense of happiness of donating with your kid will shape them to be generous and grateful from a young age.

Kids love to be support systems for others due to their caring nature. Showing them how supporting and taking care of others changes things, they will learn to value and appreciate their blessings as well. You can build a family charity box with your kids where you can add several causes you and your kids would love to help and support.

5. You’re setting an Example for the Society

Donating to your top causes leave a positive impression on those people close to you, your friends, and your family. It instills in them the importance of giving and encourages them to make a family effort to do more and give more to charities. Making family effort creates a strong relationship bond within the group and boosts morality through shared goals. Working towards a goal together always ends up successful.

Back Your Favorite Charities!

If you believe this article has motivated you to help others, then start now, choose your favorite cause, and set up a donation plan to make a positive impact in the world!

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