Why is FUE considered the best treatment for hair transplant in Dubai?

Why is FUE considered the best treatment for hair transplant in Dubai?

Over the past few years, hair transplant has become popular among people who want an effective hair fall solution. Cosmetic surgeons perform various types of hair treatment as per the needs and requirements of the patients. Currently, FUT and FUE hair treatments are getting massive recognition due to their incredible results. Unquestionably, while researching about eminent hair treatment online, you might have come across the term FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai.

But before you opt for this treatment, it is equally important to know all the relevant facts about this latest procedure. Additionally, you must know the factors that make it one of the finest hair treatments not only in Dubai but all over the world.

Everything You Should Know About FUE Treatment

FUE (Aka Follicular Unit Extraction) is one of the most impressive hair treatments these days. It’s a less invasive treatment where the surgeon extracts thousands of tiny follicles from the donor’s hair and inserts them in the scalp’s intended portion.

Generally, the surgeon extracts hair from the legs, chest, beard, arms, and head of the donor. One of the best things about this latest treatment is that it assures a permanent hair fall solution. Additionally, the patient doesn’t experience any post-treatment discomfort and can resume work after some rest.  

You don’t worry about pain, scas, and other side effects as this treatment doesn’t cause much pain. So, you can enjoy natural results without any fear of tenderness, risk, and side-effects.

Keep one thing in mind that during the initial stages of grafting, your hair starts shedding naturally. But don’t worry, after 1 to 1.5 years, your hair starts growing, and you can enjoy new hair without any fear of hair fall again.

Also, you don’t need to wait for months to get the desired hair cut because with an FUE hair transplant, you can get the expected hair cut or any other relevant treatment after a proper discussion with your professional surgeon.

What’s The Success Rate of FUE Hair Transplant?

Various factors decide the success rate of this treatment as it is different for each patient. Some significant elements, including the surgeon’s skills & expertise and the thickness of the donor’s hair, decide the ultimate success rate. It is recommended for better and long-lasting results always choose a professional cosmetic surgeon for this purpose. Additionally, don’t overlook the follow-up treatment if you genuinely intend to enjoy long-lasting and reliable results.

Remember; don’t opt for the treatment just because every other person prefers FUE treatment for hair fall. We strongly recommend you to discuss everything with your surgeon (including cost, pros, and cons) of FUE treatment in the first place. Your surgeon can better explain whether it’s an optimal treatment for you or not. For instance, your surgeon probably doesn’t recommend you FUE treatment if your hair isn’t healthier enough to harvest purposes.

Please, expect realistic results as you can’t get thick and healthy hair if your existing hair is thin. So, take your surgeon’s advice seriously and follow him properly.

Do You Need Multiple FUE Treatment For Your Hair?

Honestly, hair loss is an enduring process, and almost every other person experiences it at different stages of life. So, if you want to maintain the thick and uniform density of your hair, then you can go for more than one treatment. Moreover, for better results, you can also consume some medications to stop or mitigate hair fall, including Rogaine and Finasteride, as such medicines speed-up the process of hair growth.

Why FUE Is The Best Option To Treat Hair Fall?

Initially, FUT was considered as a better and a permanent solution for hair fall. No doubt, it ensures permanent results, but the process is quite painful. It requires considerable time for wounds to heal correctly. That’s why; patients don’t prefer FUT treatment because they can’t resume their regular working routine after the treatment. Additionally, this excruciating procedure causes discomfort and affects the patient’s routine life activities.

Conversely, FUE is quite comfortable with less pain and a healing period. You don’t need to wait for months to enjoy wound-free life as FUE doesn’t cause any significant side-effects.

No doubt, FUE is quite expensive as compared to other hair transplant options, but it guarantees pain-free and natural-looking results for a longer time. Additionally, you can opt for the desired hair cut whenever you want.

Isn’t FUE Boon To A Mankind?

So, based on the discussion mentioned above, don’t you think FUE is an optimal option to get your hair back? We understand you need to manage some extra budget for the treatment, but you can get natural-looking results without any risk and side-effects. So, go for an FUE hair transplant without fear but discuss everything with your cosmetic surgeon before the process starts. Undoubtedly, professionals’ selection can also play a significant role in successful treatment, so choose wisely.