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Why eCommerce SEO is the Most Important Element of Your Store

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Can your online store survive without the right search engine optimizations? A few years ago this might have been a difficult question, but there’s no question that in today’s world, you need the edge that eCommerce SEO provides in order to succeed. No matter how amazing your product line is or how great your social media presence is, there’s simply no substitute for organic traffic and the brand authority that SEO affords.

Have you been trying to run your online store without professional eCommerce SEO? There’s a good chance that you have felt as if you were climbing up a steep hill at every juncture of your business, because the field is only becoming more competitive. As more businesses switch to eCommerce and enter the marketplace, the more Google is working to refine its algorithm to ensure only the cream rises to the top.

This is a nightmare scenario for businesses that have been coasting on a few lucky keyword rankings or getting into the game early. The truth is that most of the old tactics that allowed sites to rank previously aren’t working anymore, and even websites that have been on page one for years are seeing a massive decrease in rankings. This is because Google wants to ensure that as users shop online, they are being sent to the best possible locations.

The entire purpose of Google as a search engine now is to provide an optimal user experience for those who use the platform. This is true in terms of no matter what is being searched, so don’t think you are being singled out in case you believe this is simply an online store issue. Even travel bloggers and movie review websites are being hit with penalties as the old conventions on their website harm their rankings.

In the new world of strict Google requirements and increased competition, you need eCommerce SEO services that can truly transform the way you approach digital marketing, enabling you to climb the ranks of Google and attract the highly targeted traffic you need to remain solvent.

Your Store Needs High-Quality SEO Services to Thrive

Up until now you may have garnered modest results and believe you can continue to manage without investing into professional SEO services, but this is a perfect example of self-sabotage. If you want your business to thrive, you have to make decisions that take into account the changing SEO landscape as well as the explosive growth of eCommerce as a whole.

What we’re seeing now in the world of eCommerce tells us that it’s only going to get bigger. And while this does mean more customers and traffic, it also means stiffer competition and greater requirements for what is considered trustworthy and quality in the eyes of the consumer. You can’t keep doing the “same old” and expect the same results, not when it comes to SEO.

If this is the case you need an agency that not only keeps up with the latest SEO trends but also one that knows the world of eCommerce and works in it every day to provide superior service to their customers. For this level of expertise, choose 1Digital® for your SEO campaign and digital marketing efforts. They have redefined the world of SEO and have built a team that knows how to get consistent results no matter the industry.

You don’t want to leave the health of your business to chance. Right now, SEO is the best insurance policy you can make in terms of the longevity and sustainability of your business. Give the team at 1Digital® a call today and watch your business excel.

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