Which Red Maca Product is Right For You?

Interested in the potential hormone-balancing and women’s fertility benefits of red maca root and are looking for more information on which kind of maca product will best suit your needs? This guide will help steer you in the right direction in terms of which kind of product will fit best into your lifestyle.

Whether you have a packed schedule and need something quick and easy, or if you are looking for a way to increase the nutrient content of your workout smoothies, there is a form of red maca for you. The most important thing to consider when selecting your maca however is to start with a reliable source such as The Maca Team, where you know you will be getting the finest quality, freshest maca around.

Red Maca Capsules For Convenience
Perhaps the most versatile kind of maca product available, maca capsules are an easy and efficient way to start incorporating maca into your diet. If you are concerned about your health and simply want a natural way of getting more beneficial nutrients in your diet, this is the solution you’re looking for.

At The Maca Team, you will be able to find red maca capsules in both a raw organic form and in a gelatinized form that is easier to digest for those who have a sensitive stomach. The benefit of using maca capsules is that you never have to worry about making a meal or taking a sports drink just to accommodate your maca usage. These organic, GMO-free, vegan capsules are just what you need if you run on a tight schedule and don’t have time to mess with powders.

Why Red Maca Powder is Great For Home Use
Alternatively, if you find yourself at home with plenty of time to cook, you will find that red maca powder may be the perfect choice for you. The Maca Team carries nutrient-rich maca powder that’s both raw or gelatinized depending on preference, and can easily be incorporated into a variety of drinks and dishes.

You might be wondering if it’s viable to incorporate maca powder into your food, but it actually works quite well. It’s important to remember that there is a big difference between maca powder and a “protein powder” or similar product. Maca root is actually a vegetable and can be stirred into smoothies or mixed into pancakes and waffles with ease. You can stir maca powder into your morning oatmeal, yogurt, or even dessert items and lattes. If you feel at home in the kitchen and don’t mind experimenting a little, red maca powder is certainly the option for you.

What About Maca Extract?
You will also find maca in a high-quality extract that can be used in any beverage you like. There are clear advantages to using maca in this fashion – for instance, beneficial maca extracts are considered more bioavailable, which means your body will have an easier time absorbing the nutrients that the product contains. At the same time, all you need to do is place a few drops into your morning coffee and suddenly you have a “superfood” breakfast on the go.

It all depends on what you are comfortable with, although it is clear that both extracts and capsules are convenient in their own way. If you don’t like the idea of swallowing capsules on a regular basis, taking maca liquid extracts may suit you better. If you would prefer to get all of the nutrient benefits that maca has to offer, raw organic premium red maca capsules would be the way to go. Either way, you are sure to find the product that suits you by browsing through the fine selection over at The Maca Team.

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