Which is the best refer apps to earn Paytm cash?

When someone asks me what is the best way to earn Paytm money, my answer always comes as refer and earn apps. Why? Don’t worry I will tell you the reason why I love referring apps so much.

You may know there are various ways you can earn money online such as blogging, You-tubing, dropshipping or by selling your own products online.

But all these ways come with the investment. If you want to start blogging, you need to purchase a custom domain that costs almost Rs.600-700 per year and after that, you need to purchase hosting which costs up to Rs.3000-4000. Same with dropshipping and selling products online.

Rest start YouTube channel is free but it also takes much of time until you get any views. So the only way that can really help you to earn Paytm cash quickly is by refer and earn apps. It doesn’t involve any investment. You can earn Paytm money by referring your friends on WhatsApp or on Facebook. Which is totally free to do? Anyone can also create Facebook page or Instagram and share on these pages to reach maximum number of people to refer to.

Now the topic is which is the best refer and earn apps for referring friends and making Paytm money. I will discuss 2 apps in this blog post that is thought is best and should be good enough for you to earn Paytm cash.

  1. Google Pay App

This application is from google itself. Users can earn up to rs.100 by referring friends on the google pay app. Actually, this application is a money transfer application from which users can send money and receive money very quickly. People around the world have already started to use this app and is slowly becoming more and more popular day by day. You can ask your friends to join in this application so that they can make their payments easily to shopkeepers of any other person who is having google pay or Gpay. But make sure that your friend joins Google pay from your referral link otherwise you will not receive any money.

There are some rules before the Google Pay app will pay you, your friend must make a transaction to anyone and after making the transaction you will get your referral reward.

  1. Fan fight app

Another best app, if you want to earn Paytm money, is the Fan fight app. The best thing you will love about this app is that you will earn Rs.100 by referring your friends but your friend will also get Rs.50. Isn’t it great! Because you can easily get friends to download this app because it will also benefit them. Most people will say why should I download from your link. But in this app, if your friend downloads from your link they have a benefit and you will also get Rs.100. You can also play fantasy games on the fan fight app and earn real Paytm money. To refer friends and also create your own fantasy cricket team and win money.

These are the 2 apps according to me which pay the highest referring amount to user. You can also try other different apps but these are the ones which pay higher amount when you refer your friends.

If you have a YouTube channel, then these applications can help you to win good Paytm cash if you have a good audience. You can ask your audience how these apps will benefit them and ask them to download from your link only. But make sure not to spam people with these apps otherwise they will think this is a fake app and will not download it.

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