Where to get reliable & accredited DNA tests in Delhi?

Where to get reliable & accredited DNA tests in Delhi?

In India, there are a number of DNA tests available for various purposes. The most common and most frequently used ones are the relationship DNA tests, which can be used for one’s own information, or for a legal/court case. The best option for reliable DNA tests in Delhi is a company or lab that does accredited DNA tests as well as legal DNA tests for the court.

DNA Tests in Delhi, Where to get reliable & accredited DNA tests in Delhi?

Which DNA test is for you?

Usually, a DNA test is done for one’s peace of mind, that is for his/her knowledge, but a DNA test can also be done for legal cases to present the test report as evidence. You can get any of the following DNA tests in Delhi and India depending upon the purpose, you want the test for.

  1. Paternity DNA test- For confirmation of father and son/daughter relationship.
  2. Maternity DNA test – For confirmation of maternity, that is mother and son/daughter relationship.
  3. Prenatal Paternity DNA test – Confirmation of paternal relation between an unborn child and the alleged father
  4. Paternity Trio DNA test – Confirming paternity with the inclusion of the mother as well.
  5. NIPT test – Non-Invasive Prenatal Trisomy of NIPT test is used to predict the chances of genetic diseases in an unborn child.
  6. IVF Baby and Surrogacy Baby DNA test – For confirming the paternity of the babies born from IVF or surrogacy techniques, and also to test the semen sample before implantation into the mother’s or the surrogate mother’s womb.
  7. Organ Transplant DNA test – A DNA test is also required to confirm the relationship between an organ recipient, and the living donor. This is called an organ transplant DNA test.
  8. Immigration DNA test – For confirmation of the genetic relationship between the immigration applicant and his/her sponsor.
  9. Forensic DNA test – For the investigation of crimes.
  10. Cell Line Authentication DNA test – These tests are research-based DNA tests, commonly used by the research institutes.

You can conveniently get any of these DNA tests in Delhi and India from a trusted laboratory with a good reputation.

Why DNA Forensics Laboratory is the best option?

We, at DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. (DFL), are one of the most popular and trusted private DNA testing companies for accredited DNA tests in Delhi and India, as well. We are known for our easy and multiple sample collection options, fastest report delivery services, and reliable test results. We, at DFL, are the only private DNA testing company offering court-approved legal DNA tests, and also providing our services to the law enforcement agencies of India. We are certified by NABL, and the only private company to provide same-day reports to organ transplant cases. With over 400 local and international collection centers, we are offering our services from our collection centers in most of the major cities of India. We hold an excellent track record for offering reliable DNA tests and 100% customer satisfaction. For accredited DNA tests in Delhi and India, DFL is the best option for you.

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