When to Wear Percossi Papi Jewelry

Have you ever felt that you needed a piece of jewelry that utterly stood alone for complexity and originality? Have you ever felt that minimalist jewelry was understated and not a good fit for an occasion or for a particularly florid style that you wished to execute? Maybe you are just looking to add a piece of jewelry to your collection that doesn’t seem like it has been recreated from something else. Originality, complexity, extremely lurid designs are sometimes restorative to the senses, and if that’s what you aim to add to your catalog, then you can’t go wrong with Percossi Papi jewelry. Whenever you need to accent a particular style with an uncommon degree of complexity you should take a look at a portfolio of Percossi Papi designs and find a few that work best by your sense of style. That collection can be found at Love My Swag.

Love My Swag maintains an exclusive collection of some of the most highly respected designs from the more elite and select designers in our world. Nestled among their collections of Pandora, Meria T, Alwand Vahan, Thomas Sabo designs, and others you will find equal representation in Percossi Papi designs, and they will not disappoint.

If the name of the game is complexity, then it’s high time to wear a piece from his collection. Each design that bears the name of Diego Percossi Papi is carefully crafted in his small studio in Rome in Italy, and he has done it that way ever since 1968. Goldsmiths of old didn’t only use gold, gold leaf and precious stones to refine their craft. They also practiced the fine art of enameling which seems to have fallen by the wayside in the modern tradition. Today, many of his jewelry is reminiscent of the old style and are finely detailed and enameled, giving them a respectable, almost antiquarian air.

He has stated that his vision is to provide a pleasing contrast between light and darkness and between colors, as a sort of chiaroscuro completed using gold, gems, and enamels in the place of classical paints. Deeply inspired by his Mediterranean atmosphere, he aims to capture the semblance of the sun, sea, sky, and earth in his finished pieces, which perhaps gives some rise to the immense levels of complexity and fine balance of harmony in each example of his jewelry.

In many of his pieces of jewelry, you will see naturally themes boldly represented that, while distinctly recognizable, start to lose their details in the balance and complexity of the piece. What at the focal point of a pair of earrings might be a representation of the sun or the moon or of the stars would become a beautiful reticulation once you took a step back. A reticulation whose beauty was distilled from its individual elements, but which elements could no longer be identified macroscopically. It is a completely novel harmony that is wondrously present in each piece of Percossi Papi Jewelry, regardless of how complex. In fact, it may exist precisely because of it.

So to answer the question that is the premise and foundation of this article – the time to wear one of his pieces of jewelry is when you need layers and layers of design to represent outwardly your feelings or to mesh with the rest of your ensemble. When you want to decorate yourself with the finely distilled beauty of the natural world is then it is time to accent yourself with one of his pieces, and as we said, if you are looking for a new one, you can find it at Love My Swag. Visit their website, LoveMySwag.com, to find the next addition to your collection.

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