What you need to know about silage and other feed stuffs in 2021

The cattle are the soul of any dairy farm. As they are the ones without whom a dairy farm will just be another farm, cows give milk, chickens give eggs. Both of which can be sold for profit, buffaloes help plow the land and bulls protect the farm from strays. Silage Agro is the best Silage Provider in Punjab, their silage has a shelf life of up to 18 months. Although their main branch

And just like every other care they get, proper feeding is just as important. Humans can eat anything including junk food, but that’s just not the case with domestic animals. They can only digest different types of feed and fodders.

Proper feed management is a key to running a successful dairy farm, here’s all one needs to know in 2021.

Silage is an excellent choice

A fodder made from fermented grass known as silage. Pasture crops like grasses, rye, and maize are cut, fermented, compressed, and stored till they are ready to be fed. Silage can either be packed in round or square bales.

As compared to other feedstuffs such as hay, silage stored with plenty of moisture. That’s why it can retain most of the natural nutrients plus silage is good in taste too. Silage is a good choice in keeping dairy farm animals healthy during the winter or other dry seasons when pasture is of poor quality.

Duration of storing before feeding

After the fodder has been wrapped into bales, it is crucial to remove and keep oxygen out of the product. That’s why the bales fermented under anaerobic conditions.

This means that the farmer needs to keep the product airtight by either keeping it in a silo, barn or seal the bale with plastic, for as long as possible. It is best ideally to leave a silage bale closed for at least 4 weeks. The reason for that is if oxygen enters the product again. It will disturb the anaerobic digestion and in return would lessen its nutritional value.

If the farmer required to feed the silage within a few days of closing the clamp. They must make sure to keep small bales so that at least their whole yield won’t be ruined.

Types of feed

In recent years, the demand for livestock industry has skyrocketed, the need for different feed stuffs vary throughout the years. While farmers generally use silage to feed cattle and sheep. On the other hand, they can use the straw to make beds for domestic animals to feed them.

The contents of each type of feed vary in nutrients and energy stored in them. To keep healthy just like farmers, their cattle also need a balanced diet. An ideal meal for domestic animals should contain all nutrients required for a healthy life and good welfare.

Silage Agro is the best Silage Provider in Punjabtheir silage has a shelf life of up to 18 months. Although their main branch situated in Punjab. They are also available in other states including Silage Gujarat and  Silage Rajasthan.

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