What to Weigh in Golf Shafts for Drivers

Every golfer is different; every golfer has different dimensions and strengths and weaknesses, and that makes the search for a golf shaft challenging, especially if you are just getting into the sport. Because a golf shaft must be tailored to each particular club head, and more importantly, to each individual golfer, you can’t just match any shaft to any driver and hope it works. Here are some of the things to think about when you are shopping for golf shafts for drivers.

Flex – The flex of a golf shaft is one of the most important things you can evaluate in a shaft, as the flex will impact the performance of the shaft more than any other actor. In the first place, the flex of a shaft will affect how well a shaft can be matched to a golfer.

For example, golfers with higher swing speeds will probably gravitate towards shafts with stiff flexes because those shafts can accommodate a higher speed. That means that golfers with slower swing speeds will probably appreciate the fact that more flexible shafts are also more forgiving.

The flex of a golf shaft will also impact how the clubhead contacts and affects the ball through the swing, and not just the swing of the golfer. While some golfers will appreciate the performance of stiffer shafts, very stiff shafts may result in a lower trajectory. At the same time, shafts that are too flexible will loft the golf ball too high

Most of the time, the answer is not to get the stiffest or the least flexible shaft design, but a shaft that is somewhere in the middle. In order to know that, however, you need to be familiar with your abilities as a golfer.

Kick Point – The kick point, which is the area on the driver shaft that seems to take most of the flex, will also affect ball flight and the performance of your swing. Kick point in conjunction with shaft flex will also affect clubhead speed and thus, the way you hit the ball.

Also called bend point, kick point is described as either high or low. A high kick point will cause the ball to maintain a lower trajectory and the lower kick point will send the ball higher. While this is, again, a matter of preference and experience, drivers are typically used to move the ball great distances, so keep that in mind.

Length – Length is another factor that will impact how well a golf shaft fits the performance and skills of a player. Typically, you can find the proper length of golf shaft by having your measurements taken professionally, but even after that, you will need to practice to become familiar with a given shaft and make final adjustments.

All things being held the same, a shorter shaft may help with consistency, but you may also find that your club head contacts the ball too low on the face. Again, however, much of what you need – whether a longer shaft or a shorter one can be determined by working with a professional.

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