What to Look for in Airsoft Ammo

Serious airsoft players put so much time into shopping for airsoft guns and attachments, that if you aren’t paying close attention, it will look like they don’t give a second thought to airsoft ammo. Ammo may not get the same amount of publicity as a fancy new AEG or a high-end scope, or even as parts for upgrades and customizations, but rest assured, serious players know what they want and some can even be brand loyal. If you are looking for some pointers on what makes quality ammo, or are an experienced airsoft player just looking to learn more, here are some things to look out for in BBs. Remember this much, too – brand isn’t everything, but some brands are more respected than others.

Consistent Size
One of the most common sizes in airsoft ammo out there comes in the form of 6mm BBs, which means they are just a hair under 6mm in diameter, commonly .595mm or something very close to that. One of the most important things to look out for in ammo is that it is consistent in size. It has to fit perfectly through the barrel in order to offer good accuracy or else your aim and your range will suffer. Ammo that varies, even on a minuscule scale, in size between pellets can have a serious adverse impact on your aim.

Consistent Weight
Consistency in weight is also critically important to accuracy and range. If your ammo varies in weight, even if only slightly as mentioned above, it can have a terrible impact on accuracy and range. Think of it in comparison to your airsoft gun’s performance. Imagine that every time you pulled the trigger, you wouldn’t know exactly how much force the spring or the piston of the airsoft gun could deliver. That would leave you guessing as to how your airsoft gun would perform. You wouldn’t accept that in a high-quality sniper rifle; don’t accept it in BBs.

Consistent Shape 
Consistency in shape is important too, for the reasons mentioned above and for one more. If your airsoft gun has a hop-up system, and many do, inconsistently shaped airsoft BBs will not react favorably to it. The hop-up system imparts a spin on the BBs to extend the range via the magnus effect, and if the BBs are not consistent in shape, the hop-up will not be as effective as it could be. In fact, you could argue that a hop up will perform inconsistently with BBs that vary in size or weight as well.

Highly Polished and Seamless
Many brands boast of BBs that are highly polished and seamless. Highly polished BBs will offer less resistance along the barrel tube and so they can offer superior range through their lower friction. As for seamlessness, there are some cheap BBs out there that have a little ridge around their middle from where they were forced or welded together. These seams can alter the trajectory of a BB and are one of the biggest things to look out for.

Biodegradable Is a Plus, Too
One more thing you might want to consider is BBs that are biodegradable. Some airsoft matches will leave fields literally literally with BBs and many of these will never be recovered. Some plastics are biodegradable, and others will stick around for 10,000 years. Some like to do the responsible thing and use biodegradable BBs; that’s up to you, but many are and you can find them.

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