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What to do in Destiny 2 in 2022?

MMO shooter

If you are a new player or have returned after a long time, then you run the risk of not understanding what is happening in the game, what the meta is now, and what to do in the first place.

Get trained

Don’t underestimate educational content. At first glance, it may seem that training in a shooter is the most obvious and banal thing you can think of – shoot while standing, shoot while sitting. Everyone, go to the open world.

But in an MMO shooter, it’s a little different – it’s important to understand where to get quests, what monsters to kill, what raids to pay attention to, and what mechanics to use.

MMO shooter

Explore the open world

After training, the player will be led through a chain of tasks, along the way telling the story of the game, and will begin to develop gaming skills.

The player will have to learn how to shoot accurately, understand the game mechanics and features of his class, be able to maneuver from enemy attacks, and gradually learn to play in a team because with the increase in the complexity of the game it will be much more difficult to survive alone.

Explore the cities and locations, and complete the proposed tasks to quickly get used to the game. Destroy monsters for trophies and coins, buy new weapons, and get ready for raids.


The most interesting part of the game. Raids involve teaming up players to complete tasks to clear areas of monsters and destroy the final boss.

The player needs to find brothers in arms and six of them to speak out to destroy the enemies.

For those who like to get rewards and do not want to waste time clearing zones from monsters and killing the boss, you can find destiny 2 raid carries. Professional players who will help you complete the raid.

What you need to know about raids:

  1. There are no markers or landmarks inside the zone – players will have to figure out the internal mechanics themselves, understand the goals and direction of the raid, and complete it.
  1. The raid can be interrupted in the process of passing and completed later, but no later than a week after the start.
  1. The passage can take up to several hours.
  1. Players will receive special weapons and equipment designed for a specific raid. It will help you replay the raid and make it easier to kill monsters and the final boss.


Special story missions, similar to simplified raids. Great activity for three friends, or random allies. If successful, players will receive unique rewards and bonuses.

Monsters are not as strong as in raids, but it strikes there is an atmosphere of military clearing of enemies that does not require many players. As in raids, players will receive special equipment and weapons that will help in re-passing the strike.

At the end of the strike, players need to destroy the final boss and his retinue.

MMO shooter

Abandoned Sectors

Special hidden areas with a boss and retinue guarding a special treasure chest. The player has to find the location of the zone, engage in battle and destroy many opponents, find and defeat the boss guarding the chest and pick up a legitimate reward.

The player will immediately understand that he is in the right place thanks to a special symbol located at the entrance. But not always the location of the zone will be easy to find.

Story missions

The key line leads the player through the story conceived by the developers. Not everyone likes it when they lead through a chain of tasks, preferring to make decisions on their own, but this is a key opportunity to evenly and qualitatively develop their character and learn the game history of the world of Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 has a large selection of classes and a wide range of activities to play with friends and random allies.

Strikes are suitable for mini-squads of friends of three, or random allies to get a unique drop and money.

Raids are the most interesting part of the MMO – teaming up with five other players or friends, the player will be able to maximize the potential of his class and take part in interesting battles with monsters and bosses of different levels to the accompaniment of a beautiful soundtrack and colorful modern Destiny 2 animation.

Despite the disappearance of most of the add-ons that the developers removed for processing and re-release, the player is offered a lot of activity and dynamic pumping options to match the MMO shooter.