It is a distress for a woman when her man suffers with Erectile Dysfunction.

They tend to think of these things: “Am I not good enough?” Is there something wrong with me? Can I do no better? Women think that it is their fault when their partner experiences this dysfunction. They think it is their performance or lack of appeal that these things happen. Overall, they blame themselves.

Erectile Dysfunction is medically defined as the inability to achieve or sustain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. As for the records, all men have in a way suffered from some erection failures at certain points in their lives. It can be brought about by stress, depression, or sometimes even for no reason at all. Unfortunately, for some, the situation turns chronic especially when left untreated, or unattended. When it happens, a diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction is concluded. It is a problem that affects about 18 million men in the U.S. alone, according to the American Foundation for Urologic Disease

The common causes of Erectile Dysfunction are unidentified medical conditions like Super P Force Pills, high cholesterol, or even other diseases of the heart. It could also be the result of certain medications that are used to treat the mentioned diseases, most especially, some hypertensive drugs. This is the reality behind ED, although it was regarded as a sexual issue, it couldn’t be denied that the underlying conditions need to be considered and properly attended to.

However, experts claim that women’s overthinking and self-blame is brought about by lack of awareness and education. Moreover, anxiety and feelings of hurt and anger could even worsen the situation.

Most women may suspect her partner is having an affair, or that he just doesn’t find her desirable anymore, so she begins to explore at these possibilities,” says Sallie Foley, MSW, a professor at the graduate school of social work at the University of Michigan and co-author of Sex Matters For Women.

Often, says Foley, a man suffering with ED will interpret her questions — and her hurtful attitude — as an attack on him, so he pulls back. The woman might affirm that this is a confirmation of her suspicions.

The result could be devastating: The couple can stop communicating altogether — not only with their sexual intimacies, but in all aspects of their relationship viagra cenforce 150mg . And that, say experts, can only make problems worse for both partners.

  1. Don’t take the blame.

So what should I do? – A common question by a woman when her man just can’t perform. As an advice by the experts: Remember it’s not your problem and you’re not the cause.

“Don’t feel rejected and don’t personalize it. It’s not about you,” says Foley..

  • Timing matters.

The timing should be perfect.  The best thing to do is to discuss things somewhere not inside the bedroom — not right after it happens, but days or even weeks later,” says sex expert Jennifer Downey, MD, a psychiatrist at New York State Psychiatric Institute and a professor at Columbia University. During this talk, Downey says make certain that your man is aware of the health problems that can be the cause of his ED, and gently suggest he talk to his doctor.

  • Put a considerable attention to the matter.

“You have to treat this the way you would any other non-life threatening issues in your relationship, and just calmly discuss it,” says Downey.

Moreover, McCullough says, “If you put it in the context of a physical problem and not a sexual one, most men will be less likely to ‘shut down’ or shut you out.”

  • It takes two to Tango.

It would be more helpful if the woman will support her partner rather than the man taking it all by himself. Besides, it doesn’t only concern the man alone, but, it involves the two as a partner in dealing with this sexual issue.

  • Reminisce the good times.

It would help a lot to let him know that you have enjoyed the physical part of your relationship together, and that you miss it — and that together you can work to find a solution. YES. But what is the alternative… I’m fit and eat healthily but I am terribly nervous with it comes to the bedroom. Kamagra 100 comprises a boundless cure on energizing erections among guys. Individuals who are managing ED or erectile brokenness eat it. best place to buy vidalista Tadalafil loosens up muscles of the veins and expands blood stream to specific zones of the body.

“This is the time to treat your man as your best friend — to be warm, to be friendly, to grab his hand, to give him hugs and kisses, to let him know that you care about him, that he is desirable, that physical closeness is important,” says Foley.

  • Reassure. Explore.

The simplest thing that you can do for the meantime is to tell him that his dysfunction doesn’t matter.

“It matters to him, and saying that you don’t care also sends a message that you don’t miss the sexual, intimate contact with him — and that can push a man even further away,” says McCullough.

It would help if both of you would experiment sexually with each other and work on ways to remain intimate, even when an erection is not possible.

“There are lots of different ways to be sexual, and if one way becomes difficult or even impossible, you have to explore, together, the things you can do with each other than are sexually exciting,” says Downey.

You may also switch roles to add more thrill. If, like many women, you are used to your partner being the sexual initiator, this, say experts, may be the time for a little role-reversal.

“It’s perfectly OK for a woman to say, ‘Until we can find an answer to our problem, I want us to stay in touch physically and intimately,’ and then seek his suggestions for how to do that,” says Foley.

The key, she says, is in the intentionality. “You have to go into it with the attitude of ‘playing,’ not fixing your sex life. It’s all in the intentionality,” Foley tells WebMD.

Listen to your heart. Whatever it takes, experts say don’t shut down the line of emotional communication, even if you have to put your physical relationship on hold.

“If a woman can just manage to not feel personally wounded by ED, if she can get in touch with her kindness, and her intuitive, nurturing side and follow those instincts, she’ll very likely know all the right things to do and say to keep that vital communication going and keep the intimacy alive,” says Foley. . I will use which I have already ordered from a Generic Villa online pharmacy.

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