What RideBoom Provides That Its Competitors Don’t?

There are various features which justify RideBoom being different from all its competitors Our prime motto is the safety of the customers. Keeping this in mind, we came up with this amazing application which is trusted by many daily commuters in Australia and now soon to be launched in India. We outgrow our competitors in various ways. Some of them are listed below.

Gender Selection Feature

Every business makes the customer the centre of focus. But very few businesses are capable of thinking through customer’s dimensions. Happy to say, RideBoom is successful in doing so. We strive harder each day to maximize customer satisfaction and the level we’ve reached doing that has borne fruits. Our features are eccentric and customer-centric. One of our features is Gender Selection which amazes our customers. RideBoom lets you choose the gender of your driver before the journey starts.

If you want a male driver, only a male driver will come to pick you up. If you want a female driver, a female driver will be picking you up for the journey. And if you do not have any preference, then the nearest driver of any gender will come to pick you up.

It is one of the most important, new, yet a basic feature that every woman of India needs. This feature will take women safety to another level in India.

Review System

RideBoom lets the Rider and Driver review each other before starting the trip. The two-way feedback feature of RideBoom is proving to be very helpful in terms of knowing passengers and driver before starting the trip. In other taxi apps, there have been reviewing features, but only limited to the driver. RideBoom has covered the wider area by taking reviewing and travelling to a different level.

Comprehensive information about Driver and Rider

Keeping transparency and flexibility in mind RideBoom asks the Rider as well as the Driver to create an account in which all your details i.e Name, Address, the Phone number is registered before you start or request a trip or start driving with RideBoom. You are free to review your Rider/ Driver before the ride to know who exactly is going to be your companion through the trip.

Security of Details

Unlike other ride-hailing apps, RideBoom does not share the number of either the rider with the driver or vice versa. This ensures the safety of the riders as well as the drivers of RideBoom. However, to ensure proper communication between both the parties, we provide a solution in the RideBoom app. Riders and the drivers can contact each other through calls or text messages from within the RideBoom app.

Road Safety

We care about our customers throughout our service. For this, we make sure our riders are put into safe and skilled hands. Each vehicle is checked and approved for road safety, inspected by our partnered inspection centres. There are certain tests that each vehicle and its driver has to pass to join the RideBoom team. After that, we train our drivers to provide good service and be polite and humble to the customers.

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