What Makes Tirupati Car Travel Best To Consider?

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The requirements for driving in Tirupati are very similar to those in another country. You need to have an international driver’s license and the will to drive in a concrete jungle. In Tirupati to Srikalahasti taxi fare, you don’t usually rent a car without a driver. Prices are usually affordable so it is better that you rent the car with an experienced driver who knows the way of driving in the city of Tirupati.

Recommendations for driving in Tirupati

Our recommendation is that you do not rent a car in Tirupati unless it is with a driver. However, we give you these tips for driving in Tirupati:

  • You must be relaxed. Driving in Tirupati can be very stressful. The important thing is not to lose your temper
  • There are no traffic lights and you drive on the left. However, you can overtake on all sides … even on the shoulder!
  • Beep every time you go to overtake. This will keep them tuned
  • If the car in front or the one you are crossing is driving in the wrong direction, pull away. They will not change their course and it is best to avoid crashing
  • Be careful with the cows! Cows in Tirupati are sacred

Benefits of Renting a car in Tirupati

You can rent a car in Tirupati. International companies are in the country. You can hire the car rental service in Tirupati from the same hotel or in a car rental house. Our recommendation is that you rent a car with a driver. You can take him on long trips and his salary is usually reasonable price a day. This price includes your accommodation, your allowances and your driving service.

One of the best ways to get around Tirupati on your own is to rent a car. It gives you flexibility, freedom of time, the possibility of improvising on the way, saving if you are a group of friends or reaching those farthest places that public transport does not reach.

Tips when renting a car in Tirupati 

1. Location of the offices of the car rentals in Tirupati: while most of the offices are located nearby the airports and train stations, there are some others that are located outside these, within a short walking distance or by bus. Take into account the time to get to the office when setting the pick-up and delivery times. 

2. Office opening and closing hours: be very careful about delivering the car outside of office hours. While some have no more than one key box, others may charge you an additional fee. It is important to be upright. 

3. Costs included at the time of reservation: check what the rental price includes, such as if you have limited or unlimited mileage, the fuel policy (full/full, full/empty or prepaid) and the one-way service fee in case of delivery in an office other than the one of collection. 4. Review of the car both in the collection and in the delivery, so that all the damages are collected in the car file and then there are no surprises. You can take pictures, before and after to be surer.

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