What makes Preet Tractor a popular choice among Indian farmers?

What makes Preet Tractor a popular choice among Indian farmers?

Preet Tractor is an Indian tractor brand, founded in 1980 by Mr Hari Singh. The company was honoured with the National Award in 2011. The efficient tractors offer significant competition to other brands in the agricultural industry.

The tractors are powered by varying engine horsepower starting from 25 Hp and ranging as high as 100 Hp. Preet Tractors provide many options to the Indian farmers to choose from in both 2WD and 4WD categories.

Preet tractor prices are quite reasonable, starting from Rs. 3,80,000 to 22,10,000. The high-quality tractors justify the prices offered by the brand.

Here are some exceptional tractors manufactured by the brand:

  • Preet 4549 – The robust engine offers a 45 engine Hp and a 38.3 PTO Hp.
  • Preet 6049 4WD – As the name suggests, this is a four-wheel-drive tractor powered with a 60 engine Hp and a high 51 PTO Hp.

These tractors are equipped with exclusive features and innovative technological upgrades. The mechanised power steering enhances the overall performance of the tractors. These tractors are feasible for other pieces of farm machinery like seeders, cultivators, etc. and challenging field tasks with great horsepowers.

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