What Is Supply Chain Control Tower? Benefits Of It?

What Is Supply Chain Control Tower? Benefits Of It?

A Supply Chain Control Tower is one of the big central hubs that include all kinds of required organization, technology, and processes which are used to capture and also supports to transport all kinds of data (information, images, videos, audio, etc) to improve the visibility for long and short-term decision-making including many other strategic objectives. 

When you want to add functionality to optimize and to control the tower and to make better decisions and boost efficiency, then you get from this Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply Chain Control Tower, What Is Supply Chain Control Tower? Benefits Of It?

By extending and integrating existing TMS, WMS, and ERP systems include suppliers, 3PLs, manufacturers, and many other Control Towers, partners should provide granular visibility, actionable, operational control through the supply chain, that helps to boost lead times, decreases inventory costs, mitigate deviation in real-time, minimizing the orders delivered at on-time.

Services of Control Tower Are Given Functions:

Can Do Order Planning In Real-Time: 

It helps to boost customer service by capturing everything through  Control Tower which has more capacity to do and grabs information in real-time like the inventory availability, delivery time, transportation costs, etc.

It is better for you to choose this tower to enhance your business as soon as possible at less price and to make more flow in your orders.

Exceptions Management: 

This type of Control tower will focus on delivering OTIF with the help of tracking which is in the option included in the supply chain and also it sends alerts if there are issues that arise. Additionally, your solution will provide action within your app.

Granular Visibility: 

Rather than tracing and tracking, this Control Tower may ideally give you granular visibility in your details regarding every order to fulfill the required element.

Well, a smarter and advanced control tower allows you the visibility of end-to-end across these supply chains, especially within these unforeseen external things.

It will leverage the latest and advanced technologies, like AI including machine learning, this helps you to see data, eliminate or reduce manual processes, and get the process in real-time. 

This control tower may also allow you to collaborate between partners and teams to preserve organizational skills to enhance and take the best decision-making to get better outcomes.

Most probably, this tower will also be used to predict disruptions, manage exceptions, improve resiliency, and reply to unscheduled events.

Supply Chain Control Tower, What Is Supply Chain Control Tower? Benefits Of It?

It has the ability to enhance the capacity of the supply chain administrative system, which will be a control tower when you want to overlook and consider network supplies.

These control towers may not benefit all kinds of company’s but they keep challenging for several things.

For those companies with complex control towers and third-party networks, whatever, this control tower provides you with multiple benefits.

Control towers benefit supply chain administration with simple access to data as well as for real-time analytics. Some of the benefits of it are given below:

  • Allows visibility of  data with end-to-end tower chain including all stakeholders
  • Reduces all the  supply chain errors, exceptions, and costs
  • It focuses on collaboration to encourage all over the chain
  • It resolves the errors of the supply chain and responds to disruptions of orders in real time
  • Utilize predictive data towards forecasting as well as for decision-making
  • It used to track fuel consumption,  location, delivery-time, and vehicle speed

These are the things you need to know about Control towers supply chain which supports transferring the data. You can be a part of Freight Exchange to run this supply chain management because there are the expertise people to suggest you to get better business. We hope this information is helpful to you.