What is CompTIA certification, and how essential is it?

If you are pursuing an IT career or thinking about joining in, then you must have come across a large soup of credentials. You might be feeling overwhelmed and a bit like lost-at-sea with no sense of direction. Yes, it is quite understandable since there are so many options to choose from, and if truth be told, each one has its own sets of pros and cons. So, how to choose the right certification – or certifications? Which one is the best for your career right now, and what can help you land your dream job?

Some professionals choose to go the all-in way and earn as many certifications as necessary or possible within a time to better career opportunities. Some choose to get proficient at one or two of the major ones to focus on building expertise in a specific area. While there is this disagreement, most professionals believe that the CompTIA security+ is the perfect IT certification for a newbie. Here is a review of what you can expect with CompTIA.

About the certification

Security is one of the fastest-evolving specializations in IT and probably the most vital one, keeping in line with the times when IT fraud and cybercrimes are rising. Employers are actively on the lookout for individuals and specialists who have a working knowledge of IT infrastructure security. CompTIA Security+ certification is just what the employers are looking for – this certificate is proof that the holder has the necessary expertise required to protect networks and sensitive data repositories.

Aspects of the CompTIA security+

This is a vendor-neutral certification and is vital to all industry-standard procedures. You will be hard-pressed to find security professionals without this particular certification, and this shows how critical CompTIA security+ is to network environments. You will learn about IT security, network security, data, and host security, threat, vulnerability management, identity, access control, and even basic cryptography in the certification course.

Opportunities for employment

While it may not be necessary for an IT security professional to have the CompTIA security+ certification, it is vital to understand that your employer might prefer the accreditation. Most employers would like to keep a benchmark as standard for a job opening as a security analyst or consultant for the IT framework. More often than not, the model chosen is the CompTIA security+ certification.

Yes, employers understand that education, work experience, and skills are pre-requisites for a challenging field like cybersecurity. However, they would still prefer an individual with additional certifications, especially one as vital as the CompTIA security+. Keep in mind that sectors like the defense department and other government sectors are mandatory for applicants to have the certification.


There is a great earning potential for CompTIA security+ certified individuals with annual salary ranging from $75,000-$90,000. However, it is vital to keep in mind that compensation is also dependent on factors like experience, location, industry niche, and expertise. 

CompTIA is a safe bet when you are starting in the IT security sector. Enroll in the course and build a robust IT security career.

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