What is Colostrum Powder? 7 Health Benefits That it Provides Humans

Dairy products are a basic ingredient that is utilized in almost every household. Right from plain drinking to making tea to its use in making other dietary products milk is something that is deep rooted in our consumption routine.

When talking about dairy or milk-related products, milk flavor powders are also consumed a lot and provide specific benefits to the users apart from the taste preference they appeal to.

Milk Derived Supplements – Offering Great Health Benefits

Milk derived supplements in the form of powders are easy to consume, provide several health benefits. And out of all the different milk-derived supplements, one that has been consumed for years in the rural setting and has now becoming commercially popular is the colostrum powder.

What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is a milk type that is secreted by cows in the first few days after they give birth. This is a nutrient rich fluid and for the fact it is not that only cows produce but all the mammalian mothers produce it after giving birth. However, as we consume cows and buffalo milk, we refer to colostrum as this supplement derived from them. Especially popular and proven to provide enhanced immunity boosting properties, colostrum is also known as ‘liquid gold’.

Colostrum powder is basically colostrum developed in the powder form so as to enhance its life, use and for making available commercially to users across.

Health Benefits of Colostrum Powder

Consuming colostrum powder on a regular basis provides great health benefits, especially for children as detailed below:

For Boosting the Immunity

It has the power to strengthen your immunity and enhance your disease fighting capability. These properties are because of the presence of antibodies IgA and IgG in the colostrum that are proteins known to fight bacteria and viruses. This makes it a great supplement for the athletes or for others who are looking at effective supplements that make them strong the disease-causing agents.

  • For Enhancing Athletic Capabilities

Apart from the immune boosting properties, colostrum is also found to be supporting the upper respiratory health that results in enhanced stamina and increased athletic performance. Consuming this it helps to decrease the chances of upper respiratory tract infections. Consuming this supplement results in low muscle damage and keep the athletes perform for a longer duration while also reducing the respiratory side effects.

  • For Boosting the Stomach and Gut

Colostrum is also a great product that keeps your gut and stomach life healthy. It helps to decrease the symptoms of a leaky gut, a condition of stomach tissue that usually athletes develop that is commonly referred to as gas, bloating, aches, and food sensitivity. If you have symptoms like these then buying colostrum powder online and consuming it will help in keeping your stomach in the best shape and health.

  • For Treating & Preventing Skin Conditions Like Acne

Your skin health is related to your stomach. And when your stomach isn’t feeling right and when there is issue of gut inflammation, then it can result in the impair mode of your skin. Now this directly affects your skin health and you start witnessing different skin damages and issues like acne. Colostrum that is high in probiotics and digestive enzymes help to fight the stomach inflammation and improves the digestion process that subsequently leads to healthier and clear skin. Apart from acne, it is also effective in preventing and fighting the skin conditions like rashes, increased wounds healing.

  • For Enhancing Hair and Scalp Life

Colostrum is also great for your hair and scalp health. It is high in hyaluronic acid that works to reduce the scalp inflammation which fights the bacteria and boost hair growth. It helps to boost hair growth with strength, quality and elasticity in the hair strands.

  • For Treating and Preventing Diarrhea

Presence of lactoferrin and the different types of antibodies in the colostrum may also help to reduce the viral and bacterial infections that work to prevent the chance of diarrhea. Consuming colostrum also helps to fight diarrhea and boost healing against it. The hyperimmune properties of colostrum may be effective in treating and preventing some other infections in humans.

  • For Preventing and Fighting the Flu

Flu or influenza is one of the common health conditions that regularly affects people all across the globe. Colostrum is one such supplement that is rich in ingredients that are highly effective in helping prevent the flu. Even if you have a health condition that puts you at a higher risk of catching the flu, consuming colostrum powder may help you.

When you buy colostrum powder online, it will come with dosage instruction for the kids as well as for the adults. However, if you are consuming it to fight against a certain disease you can take it with your regular medications and should also consult your medical professional for that.

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