What is a data breach?

The 14th Digital Thinker Seminar by COFACT reflects the problem of personal data violation

The situation of COVID makes Thai society not only at risk of contracting the epidemic disease. If it also exposes Thai people to the risk of personal information breach as well, antivirus. Because some information disclosed without caution can lead to a loss of privacy. Or the family may face being “toured” by the society that panics too much.

The clash between “Individual rights” and “public health”

During the past COVID situation, We all face unprecedented disclosures of personal information. Each time entering the mall after unlocking, you have to scan several times a day. Leave your name and phone number not written all over the place we visit. Large and estranged by providing information that it may become “at-risk” if there is a new pandemic.

That is because we are not used to giving personal information to strangers. Even when having to give out many phone numbers a day even more began to feel insecure. For fear of this information being leaked to insurance companies or other private businesses who want to offer products for sale Including crimes that may occur unexpectedly.

But the question that arises with the Thai state is what personal information is “required” to disclose? “Not involved” with disease control that means Are we taking too much personal data breach? As a result, antivirus software, we see the clash between privacy and public health arising in many cases leading to family impacts.

data breach

Personal Data Protection

“During the past year, the regulations on the protection of personal information are not yet clear. By the Personal Data Protection Act 2019, personal data fraud, it is necessary to postpone the promulgation for one year. But in this epidemic state, there is still some doubt that Needs to protect more data. Protect the economic interests of more people? But there is still a ministry announcement that has come out talking about safety standards.

And the information used by government agencies has the right to access the information. According to the Official Information Act, B.E. 2540 is the use of personal information by government work. This is the same principle as the PDP Act 2019, enabling personal information to be used for the benefit of public health. “


In conclusion, the principles of protection of personal information should be taken into account three things. One is essential, such as the use of information against the epidemic, two fairly transparent. How long the data is kept and it must be fair to the person who brings it, and thirdly, it is safe. for example, fraud prevention uk, once it has been received, it must be kept safe. With the plague that has occurred, there are lessons we have to learn.

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