What is a Car Immobiliser and How Does It Work?

car immobiliser is an electronic security device that is fitted in your car engine and prevents the engine to start until the right key is fit in the ignition. Moreover, it is an anti-theft system. When you insert the key of the car it matches the key first. In the case, if the key does not match with the immobiliser it will not start the car.

Similarly, if you are using a smart key. It will use a code for this purpose. Similarly, if the code does not match with the immobiliser code it will not start the car. Hence in this way, it makes you assure that your car is all safe and sound. Those cars which are not using this system will have the chance to get stole soon. Hence the car owner will always feel afraid. For this purpose, these immobilisers introduce. So that theft rate will decrease and the owner will move freely anywhere.  

There are many vehicle brands available that put this device in their vehicle during manufacturing it. However, if you found that there is no immobiliser fix in your car you should get one as soon as possible.

Get your car secure

Immobilisers are always found in modern cars. As a fact, this device is mandatory in countries like Germany Canada and the UK. This device prevents the thief from breaking the locks of the car. Mainly it stops then from hot-wiring the car. An immobiliser works automatically. It does not need the owner to activate every time. Hence it works perfectly and makes your car more secure than first. Somehow it was not fix in old cars. Hence if you are using an old generation car you should check that this device is available in your car or not If than get it in your car for its safety.

Moreover, if you found that your immobiliser is not working it would be a better option than it would get check. The companies can easily change it and your car gets secured. Moreover to this if you are using a smart key there should be a code for this. The device always matches the code of your smart key if it did not match it will stop the car. The car cannot start without matching the code. Hence you can travel anywhere without any fear.

The most common way of stealing a car is hot wiring a car. In this technique, the thief breaks the steering column of the car and connect the ignition wires of the car. With the use of immobiliser the car would not start even if the thief joins the ignition wires of the car just because the immobiliser deactivates and lock the ignition system. Hence wiring the system does not work anymore.

Cracking methods

Hot wiring is the way to steal a normal car. However, if you are using a smart key car than you should know about the cracking method. Most of the thieves use this while breaking the locks of the car. Ay vehicles use megamos chips. These chips have special codes that is use to start the engine. Hackers know it very well that breaking it is an easy task. Hence immobiliser is made very sensitive.

Some of the good immobilisers that use the chip system have the capability to remember the code for some minutes. Hence if the hacker tries to hack the code and break the lock of the car the immobiliser remembers the last code that has been used. So that it will lock the ignition and the fuel system of the car. By doing this the whole car stop working and it gets secure by getting stolen. However, if you are using a low-quality immobiliser than there is a chance that the hacker breaks the code. So for this purpose always use a good quality immobiliser that gives you the guarantee that it may not break or hack easily. Secure my vehicles providing car immobiliser.

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