What Happens When Invisalign Treatment is Done?

If you are undergoing or planning to have an Invisalign treatment, there might be several questions in your mind about what will happen after it is done. When maintaining your attractive smile, there are certain steps and ongoing care you should follow for boosting your confidence level. The aftercare procedure, as well as constant treatment, will be the best for you that can be determined after having an initial consultation with an orthodontist. Read on to know some basic things you should know for the procedure.

About Invisalign:

Invisalign is considered to be a great alternative for the traditional braces. They use clear aligners to shift your teeth in a less invasive and more aesthetically pleasing method. The latest technology, AcceleDent, can be used in the form of complementary treatment to speed up treatment timing with your aligners.

Proper treatment and care will be provided by an orthodontist who can help to correct the problem of bites and teeth straightening. Thorough training and specialized care is much more than what your dentist can provide. Other than the traditional impressions, the dental offices are using 3D digital scanning to produce images of your teeth and jaw right away so that you as well as your specialist can see and evaluate properly.

This modern technology is extremely important for newer alignment treatments as it is quite possible to share information digitally and produce an exceptionally precise fit. The treatment for the adults is typically for 12 months but might differ in case of teenagers.

What happens after Invisalign treatment ends

After the treatment is done, you must do proper maintenance. This is true despite the kind of quality affordable adult braces in London or alignment treatment you use, but if you do not follow maintenance efforts properly, the work might be undone thus, leading to incomplete remodelling of your tooth socket and retaining bone

  • Your teeth will start to shift again
  • Teeth will move back to misaligned condition
  • Wastage of your time and financial investments in your smile

Post-treatment maintenance can start with retainers. Sincere thanks to the latest advancements in technology as the retainers being used today are very comfortable and less invasive when compared to the previous ones. There are some important things to know when taking care of your retainers and these are:

  • Do not eat with retainer(s) inside your mouth as sticky foods can get stuck on it. It is advised to remove it altogether at the time of eating and replacing it, when done.
  • Avoid drinking hot beverages with retainer(s) in as this might melt or damage them.
  • You should rinse the retainer at the time of taking it out and putting it back inside your mouth. It has to be cleaned properly at least once in a day.

Part of post-treatment maintenance means to continue with routine oral care. Make sure you brush and floss twice a day, visit your dentist two times in a year and stay in touch with an orthodontist. You may also get in touch with a specialist right away in case you damage a retainer or something just do not feel right so they can evaluate the issue and correct probable problems.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Invisalign

Where can you get your retainers?

You will come across several kinds of retainers but the recommended one is Vivera, made from strong and clear material than other brands. Vivera retainers can be customized with the help of state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology that had been used to calculate and assess your original alignment trays. Besides, this will ensure proper fit and can be performed at the specialist’s office. You can order your retainers with the help of an Invisalign provider and the order will include an additional set with it.

Is it possible for you to continue wearing your last alignment tray?

You cannot wear your alignment trays constantly after the treatment cycle gets over. They will possibly get damaged quickly and might not be the correct fit after the treatment is done. These retainers are a custom-fitted tray that can help to fulfill your ongoing requirements.

How long do you need to wear your retainers?

You might have to use retainers for the entire life, but how long you need to wear them daily will lessen. Generally, you start wearing them all the time and this will decrease in due course.

How should you do if your retainer gets damaged or should be replaced?

You need to think about your retainers by removing it at the time of eating or drinking. Make sure you rinse and clean it at least once in a day. Furthermore, if your retainer fits in a different way, it will be more difficult to put in or remove it. In case you find any damage, it is necessary to replace it immediately.

What will happen if you do not wear your retainer?

If you do not wear retainers, your teeth will gradually shift back to their original positions and your entire investment will go in waste. Hence, it is quite common among the adults who had braces when they were a child but did not use the retainer to return for treatment as their teeth have returned to the previous misalignment.

What are the different options for retainers?

A fixed retainer is made of thin and metal wire glued to the back of your teeth. These retainers will remain permanently and provide additional assurance that your teeth won’t shift after the treatment is done. This means you will have to clean and care for the device. On the other hand, removable retainers are available in two forms. Firstly, these traditional wire retainers are also called a Hawley retainer. Secondly, a clear retainer which appears just like an Invisalign tray is usually referred to as a 3D or Essix retainer.

Thus, you will have to find the best dentist for Invisalign treatment in London so that your crooked or misaligned teeth problem can be solved quickly. This will also ensure your straighter teeth, attractive smile, improved confidence and overall appearance.

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