What Does Pepega Meme?

What Does Pepega Meme?

Those who’ve heard about the word ‘Pepega’ then, congratulations you’re definitely enjoying the online ‘Meme’ world. However, those who haven’t heard about the term ‘Pepega’ then do not get disappointed! We’re here to tell you about the same. So, enjoy reading about the same:

What Pepega Is?

Pepega has gained a significant place in the ‘Meme World’s most recognizable figure lists.’ It is mainly a popular reaction to something that looks ‘Stupid’ no matter whether it’s a situation or a person that act stupidly. 

Where It Is Derived From?

The word ‘Pepega’ is derived from ‘Pepe—the frog’ which is an anthropomorphic green frog character from the comic series ‘Boy’s Club’ by Matt Furie that came in origin in 2005.

Pepega Introduction in the Internet World!

It was first used with the catchphrase ‘Feels good, man’ and then, when it came in the sight of internet users, they authorized this comic character and turned it into a meme material simply by putting the Pepe frog emote in other images and also by supplementing it with various  quotes.

Pepega Usage!

The very first usage of ‘Pepega’ comes in April 2018 in a discord conversation and soon after that, Pepega word was added to the ‘Twitch Frankerfacez extension which is a video live-streaming platform that provides custom channel emotes.’

Since then, the majority of us has witnessed a large range of Pepega Memeusage in Twitch Emotes chats that act as a savior in situations when you don’t want to use words for expressing your true (inner) feelings as a response to a ‘Stupid act or statement’ to avoid turning the conversation into an argument. That’s it! This is quite enough about the ‘Pepega Meme’ that is available on the internet in a diverse range for complementing you in different situations.