What are the functions of Crane Monitoring System

What are the functions of Crane Monitoring System

The  Crane Monitoring System  is used to keep track of the crane movement, which is essential for handling the heavy material in operating condition. It provides better productivity, maintenance, and improves the safety of the crane. It offers continuous supervision of the cranes with fault detection, analysis, and alerts.

SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) is the best solution for monitoring the crane. SCADA system maintains the efficiency, processes the data, and communicates the system issue to reduce the downtime. SCADA collects, stores, and analyzes the data with cloud imputing, to take smart actions. It also offers remote monitoring functions.

The SCADA reduces the sudden downtime, and quickly diagnose or investigate the problems with the cranes. It provides an investigation report within a short duration, also plans the maintenance of the crane.


● SCADA continuously monitors more than 50 parameters of the crane.

● It sent an alert message or email if any of the parameter’s thresholds goes beyond its limit.

● Saves all the commands which have taken place with push-button pendant station or radio remote control.

● It operates as a complete closed-loop control system.

● It offers an emergency stop option when we have to stop the crane from working immediately.

● It visualizes all the status of the crane and keeps the record.

● It offers remote-controllable function of the crane through the internet.

● It provides the graphical representation of the voltage, current, frequency, temperature, weight, motor brake, radio remote control or pendant, etc.

● The software will get updated over-the-air, which will offer new features and better analysis reports.


● It continuously monitors the incoming voltage and busbar voltage drop at all times.

● It monitors the ambient temperature of each and every section of the crane.

● It detects if there is any loose wiring, short circuits, or any fault in limit switch wiring or motor wiring.

● It keeps the track record of the energy consumption of CT, LT, and hoisting motor.

● It displays the Fast Fourier Transform analysis of the gearbox vibration frequencies. It also monitors if there is any damage in the gearbox or gearbox tooth.

● It records all the vibrations of the wheels of CT and LT motion. It also detects if there are any changes in the vibration behavior of the wheels.

● It saves all the records of the command in which the operator has been used. Because of this, it shows how the crane has been operated.

● It monitors the current speed of the motor and the back EMF generated when it stops.

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