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Vulkan Run Time Libraries, what it is and what it is for

Vulkan Run Time Libraries

An Essential Component for the Operation of Many Games and Programs

It is very possible that in recent months you have seen the appearance on your computer of a new program called Vulkan Run Time Libraries, also known as Vulkan RunTime or Vulkan RT. We explain what this mysterious program is and what it is for on your computer.

Vulkan Run Time Libraries is an essential component for the operation of your graphics card

Vulkan RT is a graphics API (Application Programming Interface) that we need to have installed on our computer to be able to use video games and programs based on Vulkan.

This is the new technology created by the Khronos company, to be able to develop much more realistic video games, and with better performance on our computers.

Vulkan Run Time Libraries

Vulkan has come to replace OpenGL, the previous Team Khronos graphics API. Which had become very outdated compared to DirectX 11, and especially DirectX 12.

Vulkan RunTime is compatible with most graphics cards from Nvidia, Intel and AMD. So it is very likely that it appeared on your computer when you updated the graphics drivers.

It is also possible that it installed alongside a video game, based on Vulkan.

The function of the Vulkan API is to allow video games to communicate with the hardware of the graphics card in the best possible way, to use their resources with the best efficiency, something fundamental so that our favorite games look very beautiful, and go fluid and smooth.

How to Uninstall Vulkan RunTime from your computer?

You can uninstall Vulkan RunTime from your computer like any other program. But if you do, you won’t be able to use any Vulkan-based games or applications.

More and more developers are using this excellent technology. So our recommendation is that you leave the program as it is on your computer. As it will not bother you at all.

In any case, if you decide to remove Vulkan RunTime from your computer. You can reinstall it at any time and for free if you need to. To do this, you only have to download the official driver for your PC’s graphics card.

  • AMD
  • Intel
  • Nvidia

Now you know what Vulkan RunTime is and what it does on your computer. Remember that it is an essential program and in no case is it a virus. So you have no reason to worry about its legacy to your hard drive. Just welcome it and let it do its work when you need it .