Use Unrefined Shea Butter For Naturally Healthy Skin

We’re all looking for healthier, silkier skin, but not every product on the market has the right nutrients and ingredients to supply our skin with what it needs. While there is an array of factors to consider when trying to pin down exactly why our skin gets dry, flaky, irritated, or oily, you need helpful vitamins and minerals to properly restore it.

In order to treat our skin right and revitalize it, you should consider natural substances that are easily absorbable and provide ample nutrients. Unrefined shea butter is exactly the kind of natural ingredient that you want to incorporate into your beauty or self-care routine, as it is packed with all of the right fatty acids to renew your skin and leave it feeling baby soft.

What is Unrefined Shea Butter and Where Can You Get It?

All-natural unrefined shea butter comes from shea nuts and is a non-toxic and highly moisturizing substance that has been used for thousands of years. It has in recent years enjoyed mainstream popularity for its ease of use and effectiveness. It has just the right emollient properties and fatty acid profile to make it perfect as a base in body butters, soaps, lotions, shampoos, and skin creams of all types.

Due to the fact that shea butter is absorbed so quickly by the skin, it pairs well with other natural ingredients to make them more effective. Outside of being used in a wide variety of personal care products as a base and active ingredient, it is also used by itself. In fact, on its own, unrefined shea butter is an excellent skin care product that can keep your skin moisturized and healthy, even without the use of other ingredients.

Shea butter has a particularly impressive nutrient profile, which is one of the reasons it is so effective as a personal care product. Fatty acids such as oleic acid and palmitic acid, and phenols, comprise the bulk of what makes this natural substance so optimal for skin and hair care. These nutrients help lock in moisture while strengthening skin and hair naturally.

If you are interested in a safe, all-natural skin care product that’s high quality and won’t leave any oily residue, shea butter is exactly what you need. However, you don’t want to settle for any mass-market or commercialized shea butter products that you find in supermarkets and department stores, which are often stuffed with filler and use poor quality shea butter, not pure unrefined varieties.

For the best quality unrefined shea butter that you can use in a variety of lotions, creams, and homemade soaps that you can use to keep your skin smooth and healthy, you need a reliable source like Make Your Own Buzz. They have an extensive selection of all-natural ingredients for use in any kind of personal care formula you can think of, including top quality shea butter.

Make Your Own Buzz specializes in safe, beneficial bases, oils, butters, surfactants, and helpful additives that you can use to craft your own luxurious cosmetics and skin care products right in your own home. They are dedicated to providing wholesome, quality ingredients so you can trust what you are putting on your body.

If shea butter sounds like the perfect way to get the naturally healthy skin you always wanted, or if you are simply looking for a reliable way to make sure your skin stays looking and feeling its best, stop by Make Your Own Buzz today and try some of their high-quality shea butter for yourself.

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