United Furniture – A Commitment to Sustainable Interior Design

United Furniture is a leading manufacturer of furniture in Dubai. The company started out in the early 1970s in what was then the Dubai emirate of the United Arab Emirates. In fact, the company’s founding owner moved to the United Arab Emirates with the aim of finding a way to bring his manufacturing expertise to the Middle East. United Furniture today is located in Dubai. “Founded in 1975, United Furniture quickly became one of the most prominent furniture and furnishing brands in the entire UAE. The company is synonymous with its ornate, vintage-style collections that are both desirable and affordable.”

The interior design elements of each piece of furniture are given careful attention to by United Furniture. Each piece is carefully designed by a team of experts who work to create a final product that will meet the desires of their clients. It is this attention to detail and desire to create a quality product that has led to the company being able to remain a successful company despite the difficult economic times. “Even in these times of economic uncertainty, we are seeing a steady growth in our sales,” commented United Furniture Managing Director, Walid Binladen.

Furnishing and bedroom ware are only part of the United Furniture range. The company also manufactures some exquisite accessories, kitchenware and bathroom products. One particularly interesting range is the Bauhaus collection. Inspired by the artistry of Louis Bauhaus, the Bauhaus collection offers a beautiful mixture of traditional forms and modern geometric patterns. The company has spent considerable time and effort to accurately reproduce the original Bauhaus patterns so that customers will be left admiring the pieces for years to come.

The United Furniture business runs several retail outlets. These outlets offer an extremely wide range of unique pieces. From sectional wardrobes and dressers to bedroom furniture and bathroom suites, no piece is too small or too large. Each of these ranges is designed to add elegance and distinction to a home, office or commercial building. Each style of furnishing is uniquely representative of the vision of United Furniture.

“People know when they see our furniture that they are getting something that is of very high quality and made with great care. Our customers appreciate the fact that we take pride in our work. We want them to be pleased with what they buy from us. That is what it is all about for us,” said Binladen. United Furniture is a privately held business that has been in operation for almost forty years. Although the economy has slowed significantly in recent months, the company is still expanding and developing products to meet customer demand.

“We have grown very fast, because we have always focused on building a better relationship with our customers and a better product range. In this business there is nothing more important than customer service. It is what sets us apart from other businesses that don’t have a reputation for providing that level of service,” said Binladen. United Furniture prides itself on being a forward thinking, family oriented, professional business that strives to give its customers excellent service, a great product and a friendly environment.

United Furniture currently operates nine outlet stores across the country and offers an extensive selection of high quality, stylish and affordable furnishings. With each location, the company strives to meet the needs of its customers and to bring them pleasure and satisfaction by creating a setting that is conducive to their happiness. “The interior design industry is a competitive one. If you want to succeed, you have to think about how you’re going to differentiate yourself from your competitors,” said Binladen.

In addition to offering its customers elegant furniture, the company is also proud of its commitment to sustainability. The products it sells are made from only renewable resources, such as wood and wicker, and it has pledged to reforest its plantations as part of its mission. “If we want to see a change in our future, then we need to act responsibly now. This way we can enjoy products from the Earth and help preserve it for our children and grandchildren,” said Binladen.

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