Uncover Complete Details on SAP Business One Price and Subscription

Searching a capable and efficient system automation platform that caters all your needs is a troublesome task for sure. Some tools that work best for the other industries and companies may not prove good for you, as it all depends upon the unique requirements of each company and no solution fits all in this scenario. There needs to be dedicated software for each industry/company type. As leaders dealing in supplying businesses have altogether different needs, and expectations than the other businesses.

SAP Business One, although, is one such trusted software that is recognized as a perfect fit for nearly 20+ types of industries because of its unique capabilities and significant modules to manage end-to-end management of businesses from accounting to inventory to sales and CRM. So, if buying SAP Business One sounds like a plan to you, then you should know about its pricing and licensing model too. Let’s take a deep look into essential information related to SAP Business One ERP solution. So, no need to wander around because we have all the information ready for you in this one blog.

SAP Business One Cost

While, the total cost for purchasing the software depends on several factors like, the modules that you have chosen, customizations if done, type of subscription model, vendor services and deployment method, yet, to give you a brief on how much the software costs – we have the info ready. The basic SAP Business One price is nearly Rs. 8+Lakhs (in INR) including the installation of the software. Other paid services include the licensing mode, modules, and customizations, maintenance services, etc.

SAP Business One Licenses

There are two SAP Business One licenses: 

  • Professional License – This is a full license and includes all the modules available including financials and accounting, sales and purchase, inventory management, MRP, project management, etc. All SAP Business One in-build features are available in this license. This license is suggested for the emerging enterprises which see future growth with SAP Business One capabilities. Professional license costs nearly ~Rs. 1.5+lakhs excluding the maintenance charges.
  • Limited License – Here users can access only 3 major modules of SAP Business One software unlike all in professional license. These modules are – Financials, logistics and CRM. A limited license costs nearly ~ Rs. 90K excluding the maintenance charges.
  1. SAP Business One Subscription Methods

SAP Business One, unlike other ERP tools available in the market has a flexible subscription model and thus, can be purchased as per the ease of the leaders according to the number of users annually or as per month, that is, ‘per user annually’ or ‘per user per month’. You can choose the subscription mode as per your convenience.

  1. SAP Business One Vendors for Services

There are many trusted partners in the market rendering SAP B1 installation and maintenance services, and you can choose the best-one satisfying your requirements. Make sure anyone you choose, you ask for the demo first before settling on the same. So, that was all to simplify all your queries on SAP Business One license, subscription and partner search.

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