Top Printer Types based on Functions

Printers are the most widely used machines across the world. The printers are used frequently in the offices and workplaces to maintain important documents. Owing to this, businesspeople invest in the best printing machines for improved quality and cost-effectiveness.

It’s easy said than done! It is because printer buying consideration requires a detailed understanding of the technology as well as budget constraints. Does it make you worry? Read the article to get sufficient know-how about printing types based on functionality and technologies for making a wise decision!

Types of the printer based on functional technology  

Nevertheless, it is imperative to consider printer features, size, style, and underlined technology to have a seamless experience. You should consider how inkjet, laser, color, and other printing machines differ based on functionality.

Consider a few such printers to get the help you know which one is used for what purpose: let’s have a look:

Inkjet Printers

You surely have used inkjet printers at some point in your life. Inkjet printing is the oldest technology. But it doesn’t mean that it has outdated. The printers are popular even to date.

The inkjet technology is used in many printing machines, including the simplest home printers to the production machines. These printers are relatively inexpensive. You can use it for document printing. The average printing capacity is 13-15 pages per minute in text documents, while 11-13 pages per minute in color printing.

Photo Printers

Photo printers are the specialized machines mainly designed to support high-deficiency images, pictures, graphs, and other materials. The printers are available in both the inkjet and laser technology. You can buy any of the mentioned after consider the requirements and budget.

A typical photo printer has 4800 DPI resolution. It helps take high-quality prints that even no one can differentiate between the professionally developed or printed images. It is the main difference between traditional printers and a photo printer. So, if you are running marketing companies, printing press, or any other related business, get a top-quality Xerox Dubai based printing machines to make your life colorful.

Dye-sublimation Printers

Although inkjet printers offer high-resolution, they still have certain limitations. No matter if you are using the best inkjet printer, ink drops are certainly visible on the printed papers. So, the Dye-sublimation printing machines come to the rescue!

It is because the dye-sublimation printers don’t produce dots while printing. In this way, you can get a paper with a smooth printing without having recognizable dots. The significant difference is that dye-sublimation printers do not use ink cartridges or toners.

A transparent film similar to cellophane is used for creating colored or monochrome documents. The printers are incredibly suitable for graphics designers and photographers.

Laser Printers

Usually, the laser printing machines are used in the workplaces owing to higher efficiency. The laser technology has evolved over the years, making the printers highly cost-effective. So, you can even buy it for your home use without spending a fortune.

The laser printers have a resolution of 1200 x 1200 DPI on average. With this resolution, you can print documents without compromising on the quality. The laser printers are available in monochrome as well as in color printing technology. So, you can use printers for different purposes instead of buying separate printers for every task.

Large Format Printers

These printers are top-rated in signage printing, art designs, large-size graphics, and architectural designs. Such printers are incredible for making the professional’s work easy by offering them large printed pages. So, you can use the printers for business purposes.

 The printers are available in both the technologies, including the inkjet and laser. Plotters are the inkjet printers for getting large-sized prints. However, these printers use specialized ink for inkjet printing.

Bar Code and Label Printers

These are specialized types of printing machines used in the business sector. You can print the inventory slips and labels by getting a bar code printing devices. Inkjet or thermal technology is the underlined functional power in these printers.

The printing machines are small in size but perform a bigger task. These printers are designed to print the labels of roll stock for easy management of the inventories. It has considerably helped in the digitalization of brick and mortar stores.

Multifunction Printers

As its name indicates, a multifunction printer enables the users to perform more than one task using a single machine. So, you can take a print, scan documents and fax important papers using a xerox Dubai printer with all essential functions. It helps you optimize the space required to keep three different machines.

There are many other benefits of buying multifunctional printers besides just effective space management. You can get an all-inclusive experience of smooth working with innovative technologies along with additional features. Buy it today!

Get a suitable printer today!

Summing up, printers are used for performing basic tasks of document management. However, the technology is evolving with every passing day that has given rise to the sophistication. It has made it difficult to pick a printer with all the essential features to meet your requirements.

Hopefully, the list provided in this article will help you find the best printer for your business. Don’t forget to consider the technology for higher efficiency!

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