– Nomad communities are still awaiting justice for their freedom and existence

The nomadic community consists of people who wander to and from the same areas, visiting small villages and towns to live their day-to-day life. Their livelihoods include iron trading, performing tricks, dancing and puppet shows. According to the 2011 caste-wise census of India, the population of nomadic tribes was 15 crores, which has reached 20 crores at the present. With so many changes occurring in the society since past decades, the evolution of civilization is never stagnant. But there has been no change in the circumstances of the nomadic community, who are facing the same troubles and atrocities for generations. This huge community is still awaiting justice even after 74 years after India’s independence.

The British government declared radical armed rebel communities as born criminals under the Criminal Tribes Act 1871. The British ruled around 53 countries of the world, but this act was implemented only in India. At that time, the British used to believe that the blacksmith’s child is a blacksmith, the carpenter’s child is a carpenter, the doctor’s child a doctor, similarly the criminal’s child is a criminal. Therefore, the offspring of the fighting castes of India were also essentially considered as born criminals. These people who the Britishers considered armed rebels were in actually the genuine freedom fighters who fought against the invasion and rule of British in India. Various researchers and historians have accepted that the nomadic tribes have always been the defenders of Indian (Hindu) culture. The local peasant tribes carried out armed revolts against their British expansionist policies on their level and capacity, but even in the history books there is no mention of their existence and contribution.

The Government of India passed the Wildlife Conservation Act in 1972 after which a banned snake catching, bear and monkey plays. At the same time forests were barred and entry into the forests was prohibited. The Medical Practitioners Act, Clinical Establishment Law, Drug and Cosmetic Law and other laws considers nomad’s use of herbs and their traditional methods of medicine illegal. In 1982, the banned on rope tricks were imposed while, in 1995 the nomad community was banned from selling salts.

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The situation of this community is worsening day by day, but most of the governments do not even consider them the citizens of their province. The negligence of the governments and the flag bearers of social justice is indeed a matter of concern. It is inhumane to place the stigma of being a born criminal on these people. is running a revolutionary campaign of standing in solidarity with nomad community. If you too, want to be a part of this revolution, come forward and join

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