Removing a tree is not easy, like snipping shrubs down or leveling hedges. It is a more complicated process that requires expert knowledge. Removing a tree is a dangerous task as it can be disastrous, especially if the tree is located in a residential compound. It can cause immense damage such as falling on a house, damaging property, or injuring people if removed by an untrained person.

If you are prepared to remove a tree from your compound, take some time to familiarize yourself with these safety tips for tree removal.

Have the right safety gear

When removing a tree, many risks are involved, such as branches bruising you as they fall off from the tree.

Such bruises and scratches are potentially dangerous, which is why you need proper safety gear before you begin the work.

Some of the things you need include a helmet, gloves, goggles, boots, a facial mask, leg chaps, and earbuds to protect your ears if you are using loud operating equipment to remove the tree. You should utilise safety gear to protect you from being injured by the tree removed.

Inspect the nearby power lines

Before you start cutting down the tree, inspect the nearby power lines to avoid any electrical hazard. Again, you do not want to damage the power lines, which leads to another problem.

If a tree removal interferes with a power line, you risk interfering with the whole street’s power supply. You also are at risk of electrocuting yourself.

If there is a nearby power line running at least 3 meters from the tree, first contact the power company to insulate the power line to allow you to remove the tree safely.

Work on a stable surface

As you remove the tree, ensure you are operating on a stable surface. You should take extra safety measures if you are trying to remove a tree in an unstable ground, such as a slanted area. You can use safety equipment like a safety harness if you are using equipment such as a chainsaw.

Moreover, if you are using a ladder during the process, ensure you are supervised. Have someone hold the ladder down for you while you are up there doing the tree removal work.

Having an extra helper means looking out for your safety as they can notice little things that you overlook during the Tree removal process.

Ensure the safety of the people involved

When you are removing a tree, do not only look out for yourself but also protect the people around you. Remember that someone is holding the ladder down for you, there are onlookers and passersby.

There may also be pets running around, and you also have to protect them. Ensure you protect everyone involved.

Also, there is property to protect. Before you start the tree removal process, take the time to figure out the tree’s falling zone. The falling zone is where the tree could potentially fall when removed. It is easy to underestimate a tree’s height, so add extra meters in your falling zone prediction.

The last words

Tree removal is hazardous so, never work alone. Even if you think you are safe enough, it is best to have someone around to look out for your safety.

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