Treating Acne Scars with Laser

When acne strikes, we end up more worried about the scars left behind by acne more than the acne itself. This is because treating acne scars can be a very stubborn and difficult process. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we have our team of qualified specialists to help you out in this process.

Laser scar removal is used on many types of scarring, but today we share with you its effects and benefits on acne scars because this is a problem that affects the lives and self-esteem of thousands of people.

At puberty, the chances of getting acne are very high due to the shift in hormones. The type of acne you get depends on the scarring left after the acne is treated. Some types of acne do not leave any seriously visible scars while others, especially cystic acne, leaves scars commonly known as ‘rolling scars’.

These types of acne scars normally have a dip, which leaves an uneven skin surface and discolouration at the site of each scar.

Why laser?

Laser is recommended for Acne scar removal because it is a non-invasive and unconventional method for acne scar treatment. Since it is a popular treatment method, it is available in most cosmetic surgery clinics including Dubai Cosmetic Surgery.

Another advantage is because the treatment has minimum discomfort, is fast and the outcome does not disappoint. It is one of the FDA approved methods to eliminate scars, and has no downtime.


Before you decide on going for laser acne scar removal, it is important for you to consult with your specialist. At the consultation, you are free to ask any questions so as to dispel any doubts you have. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, our specialist will give you a breakdown of the procedure, what to expect during the procedure as well as tell you which laser therapy is best for your acne scars as well as skin type. For instance, there are different laser therapies for acne scars, including Fractional laser resurfacing and Erbium laser resurfacing.


Since the procedure for treating acne scars through laser is fairly fast, it is bound to take approximately 30 minutes but it depends on the size of the scarred surface. There is minimum amount of pain/discomfort but you can discuss with your doctor on actions to take if this happens.

Side effects

The side effects of acne scars removal through laser are also very minimal as long as you consult a qualified and professional specialist like we have at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery. These side effects or after-effects include redness on the treated surface, a little bit of swelling and irritation, which clears after a couple of days.


It is recommended that you have a number of sessions in order to achieve dramatic results. Some patients take a minimum of three sessions while others take up to 8 sessions. It all depends on the severity of your scarring and the size of the area to be treated.

When you start the treatment, some positive changes can be seen on the surface of your scars and more so with your follow-up sessions. Afterwards, you will be able to enjoy a smoother, even and fresh face, that is acne scar-free with clear pores.

Do you have any questions about acne scar removal in Dubai through laser? Ask in the comment section below and we will immediately get back to you.

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