Tractor Safety Guidelines – To Avoid the Major Accidents

Tractors are an essential need of any farmers. But sometimes it may cause accidents. Through the tractor, many accidents occur in farming, industrial, and construction. So safety is the main thing for anyone or farmers. 

Tips of Tractor Safety

Here we show some major safety tips for you. Check out below. 

  • Follow the user manual 

Before operating any tractor, you should follow the user manual, which comes with a tractor. This tip is perfect for any machine or vehicle of any field. 

Who doesn’t know about manuals? Manual is a booklet, which provides information about tractor parts or systems. In which details about operations are available. Manuals come with every farm machine or tractors. The manual is available in your native language. You can find tractor maintenance tips, all about features, and many more things in the manual. Manual is the first and most important thing of any machine or vehicle. 

  • Complete Training Required

Before driving any tractor, the person required proper training or experience. This tip will keep you safe from accidents. The user of a tractor needs to be experienced. 

  • Maintenance 

For safe driving, you have to require daily maintenance of the tractor. To make the tractor productive and well maintained, you should service the tractor timely. 

  • Proper Dress

When driving the tractor, you should wear tight dresses. Loose dresses will invite accidents. You should wear a dress which is comfortable and not come between you and your work. 

  • Rollover Protection System

Rollover Protection System is a system which protects the vehicles or tractors from vehicle overturns or rollover. This feature is essential for protection, so you have to ensure that this system comes into your vehicle. 

Which is Perfect for Indian Agriculture

By the way, a lot of useful tractors are available in the market. But Swaraj tractor has the quality which is perfect for Indian agriculture. The first most important quality of swaraj is tractor price. Swaraj tractor price is affordable and fair for Indian farmers. Below we show some innovative models of Swaraj. 

  1. Swaraj 744 FE 

It is a 48 hp tractor with three cylinders. Swaraj 744 FE tractor price is  Rs. 6.25-6.60 lakh*. With high engine capacity, it won the heart of every farmer. Reasonable tractor price is the USP of this model. 

  1. Swaraj 735 FE

It is a 40 hp tractor with three-cylinders. The engine capacity of this model is 2734 CC. With affordable tractor price, it always stands in the wishlist of Indian farmers. Swaraj tractor price is Rs. 5.50 – 5.85 Lac*. 

  1. Swaraj 717 

It is the best mini tractor of Swaraj in the 15 hp range. It provides innovative solutions to the farmers. Swaraj 717 tractor price is Rs. 2.60-2.85 Lakh*. 

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