Topical Finasteride in Pakistan

Finasteride is also known as Propecia® and Proscar®, and this medication is ideally used to treat hair fall in men. Interestingly, this medication has shown amazing results for the regrowing hair, and improved hair thickness drastically. Similarly, Men with androgenetic alopecia have also experienced substantial enhancement in their hair. In particular, it is one of the finest non-surgical options to treat hair loss.  Like any other country, Topical Finasteride in Pakistan is getting massive appreciation due to its wonderful results.

The Concept of Finasteride

Over the past two decades, Finasteride is considered as an oral medication to treat hair fall. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared it a safe medication for hair loss treatment. It is undoubtedly quite effective to use as around 85% of men retained their initial follicle count after using Finasteride. Additionally, more than 65% of men experienced regrowth of hair after two years.

Like Rogaine, this medication was also introduced in a topical form, but most patients don’t feel comfortable using it like this. Most of the patients who want to use it in topical form hear contradictory reports about this medication.

Therefore, we are here to clear-up some myths about Finasteride so that you may use it without any trepidation. The current discussion will help you make an assert decision about this medication after considering its pros & cons. However, it is strongly recommended to consult an expert hair transplant surgeon to discuss whether to use this drug for hair or not.

Myths about Topical Finasteride

We have drawn attention to the top 3 myths about topical Finasteride float around usually.

  • FDA has Approved Finasteride in Topical Form

The FDA has declared Finasteride a safe drug for hair treatment, but it hasn’t approved it in topical form. It is mainly due to the lack of appropriate data. Nevertheless, Swiss Pharmaceutical Company Polichem is completing multiple research studies to get FDA approval in topical form.

  • It has No Side-Effects

DHT doesn’t only cause hair loss but has multiple side-effects as well. Since DHT has a considerable role in improving mood & sexual development among men but tumbling the amount of it in the body can have several side-effects including;

  • Depression & anxiety
  • Poor sex drive
  • Weakness
  • Irregular Ejaculation
  • Problem attaining orgasm 

Actually, only a small number of men experience all such problems, and they are temporary. They get back to normal life after ceasing this drug.

  • Topical Finasteride is the Major Cause of Hair Loss

Generally, men don’t consider it a suitable option to treat their hair-fall because as Finasteride may shed more hair. But factually, mild shedding is quite normal as it is a healthy sign for growing new hair. This drug stops the growing cycle of current hair and re-grow new hair. Don’t worry if you experience mild hair fall because you can grow healthy and stronger after using Finasteride.

Final Words

So, before choosing this non-surgical treatment to regrow your hair, it is strongly recommended to discuss everything in detail with your expert hair surgeon. You must know the shortcomings and advantages of Finasteride.