Top Facts Regarding The Timing Belt of a Vehicle

The idea about timing belt

The timing of the engine meant for internal combustion is controlled by a rubber belt known as the timing belt. The belt has an unremarkable appearance. It is a belt of rubber simply. However, it is a very crucial part and performs a crucial function in a vehicle. It ensures synchronized rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft.

The timing belt is crucial due to the following reasons:

  • For allowing the air intake into the engine, the valve must be opened and closed exactly at the correct moment. This facilitates energy production and fuel combustion. Wrong timing will hamper the air intake and the fuel-burning capacity will get reduced.
  • The valves and piston get out of synchronization and fall out without the belt. They even collide with each other. This is a serious issue as the engine valves can bend easily and are fragile. Any collision with the piston will cost a good repair amount.

When should you get the timing belt replaced?

Wearing of the timing belt doesn’t show any indication, unlike the suspension and brake system. You will find your car running smoothly but it may fail suddenly without any prior notice. Thus, you must always consult the logbook offered by the manufacturer and go for Cambelt Replacement Leamington Spa on time. This will save the warranty as well as your pocket. The timing replacement must be done every year or after covering 60000 Km in some cars while it is every 5 years or after covering 100000 Km for other cars.

How can you know about the timing belt replacement if you have purchased a second-hand vehicle without the logbook?

When the interval between the timing belt changes is extended, it indicates that you are unaware of when the belt was last changed. This is a good part that a sticker depicting when the belt was replaced last is put next to the belt in the engine. 

You must get the timing belt checked when you are getting the pre-buying inspection for wearing signs done before buying the second-hand vehicle. Otherwise, you will have to handle huge expenses on serving right after your vehicle purchase.

Reasons behind the replacement of the timing belt being so expensive

The replacement is costly based on the location of the belt in the engine. The engine may need to be reassembled and dismantled by the mechanic to get access to the timing belt. This takes a few hours. 

This is a tough part for the experts although you will find many guides regarding the replacement procedure on the web. One wrong step like an incorrect engine turning or loosening of the shaft, the belt may fail and you will have to bear the load at the expense.

Is it correct to replace the entire kit of the timing belt rather than just the belt as some mechanics advice?

The timing belt kit is made up of tensioners, pulleys and idlers are used in the kit of the timing belt. These items are crucial for essential works. While the replacement of the belt is done, these parts may get worn. If these fail, the belt may also fail in a very short span without any prior warning. 

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