Top 7 Tips for Buying a Laptop in this 2020

Like all the consumer devices, laptops have also seen some of the major changes over the last couple of years. Today, laptops are not as restricted as the portable substitute for desktop laptops. But, they have new features that make them more than laptops.

The days are gone when the design and hinge positioning of the laptop was only the factors that affected people buying decisions. Now, those factors have taken the back seat. Today, the factors that affect the buying decision of the customers are the hardware configuration and the wide range of price availability.

The laptops have become products that are influenced by technological innovation. You will find a laptop with detachable keyboards, screen touch display, 360-degree rotatable hinges, and much more. The diversity of laptops have increased to such an extent that even tech news will find it difficult to find a laptop for themselves. It is not that there are no good laptops in the market. It is just the opposite. There are so many good laptops in the market that it becomes very hard to choose one.

Tips to buy a laptop

Laptops are one of the products that confuse the user at the time of buying. There are several things that you need to take into consideration before you can make a good buying decision. Most of you out there may not have any idea about their features. This is the reason I am here to guide you to buy the best laptop that suits you perfectly.

  1. Ports

There was a time when several ports were used to connect different peripherals. However, with the laptops becoming more compact over the years,  there has been a change in the types of ports that are now being used in the laptops. Today, we get more multi-purpose ports that can be used to connect different peripherals.

You will find that laptops have an ethernet connection, USB type 2 and USB type 3 and USB type c port are in action nowadays. These ports act like one size fits all and provide a long-lasting solution to connect different kinds of peripherals. 

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  1. Type of screen

Now coming to a type of screen type. You will find that today most of the laptop comes with touch screen facilities. The latest generation of laptops comes with the Windows 10 operating system. This helps the laptops with the touch screen facility. Though touch screens are more common in laptops that can be used as a notebook.

For the general use of the laptop, there is no use of the touch screen. Touch screens do add some extra perk to the laptops but that doesn’t really help in boosting the performance of the laptops. On the contrary, it makes the laptop more expensive. So, go for the touch screen laptop only if you have the budget for it.

  1. Storage capacity

Storage plays an important part in buying laptops. Usually, most of the laptops come with a standard 500GB of storage. This much of the storage is more than enough to perform all your daily work. It can store all the credentials and documents with ease. You can even create your own playlist and store it.

However, if you are more into photography stuff or something similar to that where storage is necessary, I will advise you to go for 1TB of hard disk storage.

Even if you are buying laptops with 500GB storage, you can use external hard drives or storage devices to store your things. So, don’t think hard about storage, just buy a laptop that has a well-balanced hardware configuration.

  1. External design

What kind of laptop do you like? Thinner or thicker. Welk everybody has their own choice. Some go for the thinner as it looks classy while others for thicker for its sturdiness. For me both get the job done. It is up to you what kind of laptop you prefer.

The thinner laptops which have screen size from 11 inches to 14 inches are thin and light. They perform basic functions and weigh up to 3 kilos.

  1. Operating system

Most of the premium laptops come with a preloaded operating system to maintain the performance of the laptops. However, if you are buying a budget laptop, you get a choice to choose the kind of operating system you like. Let me remind you that operating plays an important role to make your laptop run smoother depending on what kind of task you are going to perform on it. So, be very cautious about choosing the operating system for your laptop.

  1. Screen size

The majority of the laptop comes with a standard 15.,6-inch screen display. However, you can get different variants in screen sizes as well. The screen size of the laptop can be as small as 12 inches and can go as high as 19 inches. Small size laptops are mostly called palm laptops and can perform only the most basic function. On the other hand, large screen size laptops are common in gaming laptops.

  1. Processor

The last feature that you need to take into consideration is the processor of the laptop. The processor of the laptop is considered the brain of the laptop. There are several processors in the market that have different performance speeds. There are different brands of the processor as well that are being used on the laptop. The most common processors used in the laptops are AMD and Intel Core processors.

Each processor has its own unique ability and is fine-tuned to perform as per their features. So the kind of processor you need to buy will totally depend on how the laptop is going to be used.


With that being said, I have mentioned the thing that you need to consider before buying a new laptop. I have kept the explanation in the simplest form. Even after this, if you find it hard to understand anything, drop your queries in the comment section, I will be more than obliged to answer them all.

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