Tips To Buy a Good Watercolor Palette

There are a lot of options to choose from in the watercolor palette market. Most of them are advertised to be the best while others seem to be great too.

The point to consider here is that, whether or not the choice is you are making fits the criteria and you have for it. With so many options available, it is obvious that there would be different features and varieties as well.

For an artist it is very important that the supply they are using is of the best quality and fits all the requirements they have for it. Here are some great tips that can help you make the choice:

Do you want it to be portable?

When it comes to choosing the best watercolor palette. The first thing you have to consider is whether you are buying it for the studio or for your portable use.

The ones made for portable use would be easier to travel with but would obviously lack quality and storage. On the other hand, when you invest in a studio sized watercolor palette. They would have a superior quality and great storage options as well.

The points to consider here is where would you be using it for. Depending on your need, you should consider the various options available in the market.

How many color wells do you need?

When we are talking about palettes, the second thing you need to consider is the number and depth of color well you would need. For amateur artists, one or two medium sized wells would do.

But if you are working professionally. You would require a much more varied option with a couple more wells and good enough depth. Another thing to consider here is the number of colors you use on a regular basis.

At max, people use 10 to 20 colors. Don’t try to get entangled in the desire to have a palette that can fit all your colors. Because that is simply not possible.

What is your budget?

Budget will be the deciding factor whether you will buy a product or not in the end. It all comes down to the funds you have in your wallet.

No matter how attractive that brass box of colors look. If you cannot afford it there is no point investing your time there. Rather you should invest in the options that are within your budget and can be easily afforded.

This will not only save your time but will also help you explore the options that are actually possible for you. Time management in this aspect will really make a difference.

Sum Up

All in all, buying best watercolor palette is all about considering all the options available to you and keeping within your budget. Of course you should check the quality and durability of the palette too.

It goes without saying that a good quality palette is a much better investment. Than the one that is rather cheaper but would not last long. So quality should be the deciding factor.

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