These Size 16 Steel Toe Boots Have the Bases Covered

Steel toe work boots are a staple for many workers on job sites with occupational hazards. Despite technological developments in composites like carbon safety toes, there’s something classic about the appeal and protection of a steel toe. They’ll probably remain popular long after they’ve been overshadowed by modern counterparts. It’s more than just a classic +6 appeal, though. Steel toe boots protect your feet better than just about anything else. Of course, depending on your preferences in boots, they’re affordable too.

In addition to offering a roomy toe box that is well protected, steel toe boots can offer you much more protection than simple hazards associated with weights and drops. Many boots are insulted to protect you from the cold. Many more are waterproof to keep you dry and comfortable while you’re working. To that end, many are breathable to keep you cool in the heat. Need more? Many steel toe work boots have expertly designed insoles and midsoles to keep you comfortable and supported. Need protection against electrical hazards? Slip resistance? Oil and acid resistance? You can find steel toe work boots with all that and more.

The issue of finding the right pair of work boots gets slightly compounded when you wear a size 16, but this doesn’t have to be the case. If you need size 16 steel toe work boots, all you should be doing is visiting XL Feet where you can find all of the options listed below and many more. Check out these Size 16 Steel Toe Boots to keep yourself comfortable and safe on the job.

Avenger 7300 Men’s 6” Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot
These boots are a good introduction to a solid pair of size 16 steel toe work boots. Call them plain black if you must, but they offer tons of features to keep you protected and comfortable. They are rated to protect you from electrical hazards and are oil and slip resistant as well. Interestingly, they are also able to protect you against high heats as well – up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Full grain leather uppers complete the package for a boot that will take a beating and keep on delivering.

Belleville 800 ST Waterproof Steel Toe Flight and Flight Deck Boot
If you are looking for a tactical pair of size 16 steel toe boots, don’t miss the opportunity to check these out. They are USN and USMC certified and both waterproof and breathable. They’re also a great option for those who need steel toe boots but like the extra ankle support offered by boots that are somewhat styled after logger’s boots. The Vibram outsole provides matchless traction and these boots also come with the indomitable ruggedness of full grain leather uppers.

Rocky Mobilite Steel Toe Waterproof Oil Resistant Work Boot
Rocky doesn’t just make boots for hunters, and in fact the same quality that you’ve come to expect in a pair of Rocky hunting boots is just waiting to be discovered in a pair of their size 16 steel toe boots. These boots offer unprecedented ankle support without compromising on flexibility and mobility and are impressively comfortable. These boots are flexible, comfortable, and protective, being oil and slip resistant and fully waterproof.

These are just three selections of the size 16 steel toe boots that you can find at If you want to see what else they can offer you, just take a trip to their website and see for yourself. There’s plenty more waiting where this came from, along with any other size 16 shoes that you might need. Icing the cake, they even have extra large socks for you to complete the package deal, so visit their site today.

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