The Rockspace Home Wi-Fi System Giving a Sense Of Relief to The Content Creator That I am

Rockspace Home Wi-Fi System – Being a well-established content writer and influencer, the internet is my best friend. For example, recently I had to write an article on the fact that Northern lights may be visible as far south as Virginia. I need to constantly keep my followers updated with new content so that they get what they have come for. It is not as easy as it sounds like because not only will this drain your mind but also keep you glued to the internet 24 hours of the day, seven days a week.

The internet connection in my house was worthless and as I kept growing in my field, I knew a shabby internet connection will never let me carry out my work smoothly. If I wanted to continue with my work, I had to get hold of a better Wi-Fi router and an Extender so that the dead spots of my house also come to life and get filled with an internet connection. After doing some web search and consulting few close ones (because I didn’t wish to invest in something that wouldn’t give me fruits) I realized that though my work would have established if I got a couple of range extenders, it would cost me a fortune.

Rockspace Mesh System

Thus I went on and put my faith in the system by Rockspace brand and got my hands on the Rockspace whole-home Wi-Fi system. In today’s date, every new electronic device in the market boasts about its ability to connect via Wi-Fi easily. The Rockspace Whole Home Wi-Fi System is an elegant three-unit mesh system. Today I have more than a dozen appliances connected to the Wi-Fi system and it works flawlessly. I have a laptop, a computer, Alexa, a Kindle reader, and numerous phones all connected to it at the same time.

Description and Specifications Of The Rockspace Wi-Fi System

The Rockspace Wi-Fi system comprises three small black plastic boxes, the top of which is covered by a gray fabric. It also has got a little LED indicator on its top. Below it has got four small rubber feet that hold the unit firmly at its place. At its bottom, there is a DC power jack, a LAN port, and a WAN or LAN port. You can set up and configure your Rockspace Wi-Fi system easily from the re.rockspace.local admin page and then use it. There are three power adapters, a LAN cable, and a user guide that comes along with the Wi-Fi System. A comprehensive application guide is also available for download on the Rockspace website.

The entire Home Wi-Fi mesh system comes in three and works on Android. It can transfer data at a rate of 1200 Megabits per second. It has got 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports per mesh point (there are three mesh points) and the power input is 100-240V—50/60Hz 0.6A and the power output is DC 12V==1.5A. For setting up the Wi-Fi system, you have to have a mobile device running on Android 4.0+ or iOS 8+. Basic features of the mesh Wi-Fi system are its wireless security of WPA2-PSK and a wireless standard of 802.11b, 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency. You can check all the specifications and their uses once you visit the http://re.rockspace.local login portal of the website.

Installation Of The Rockspace Home Wi-Fi System

The installation process is pretty simple. The first step for installation is to install the “RS WI-FI” mobile application on your phone. After that power off your modem and connect the included LAN cable between a LAN port of the modem and the WAN or LAN port of any one of the three new mesh units. To connect the Rockspace Wi-Fi Home System, you have to connect it to rockspace_ext on your mobile phone.

If after you are done with your installation, the LED of the newly set mesh unit does not turn solid green even after 40 seconds, you have to reposition it again and continue the process. However, if you are facing trouble like re.rockspace.local not working, then you need to troubleshoot it immediately to get your installation process completed. You can do that by visiting re.rockspace.local or typing in in the address bar of your web browser and then follow the steps of troubleshooting accordingly.

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