The Real Need for Christian Translation

When people start to question the need for Christian translation ministries or Christian translation of any type, the above verse is a great reminder of why it is necessary and important to share the Gospel with others. There are people around the world that have little or no access to the Bible in full or in part that have the right to hear Scripture and teaching in their own language. Christian translation ministries use translated Christian articles, books, and learning materials to not only share the Word of God but teach groups of people skills that can be helpful. While it would be wonderful for these same groups to be left with a copy of the Bible in their native language, this is not always possible.

In the last decade or so, the Bible translation pace has been painfully slow. Keeping the current pace, it will take until the year 2150 for the Bible to be translated in whole or part for every language. This means the Great Commission is up to those of us who may not be able to translate an entire Bible, but can still share the Word. Though for most, this means verbal witnessing or leaving a tract somewhere the right person may find it, there are other ways to share the Gospel, even with those we will never meet. This is where Christian translation ministries and book translation services can be highly beneficial.

Think of it in this way. We can donate to Christian translation ministries that translate the Bible, verses, complete Christian article translation, and such so that the Word can be spread to new areas. If you happen to be a writer, then creating easy to read and understand Christian articles or blog posts and then having them translated so they can be shared is a great option for others, even if you are not able to go on a mission’s trip yourself. If you are a Christian author, the book translation services can translate the entirety of the book to be shared in other languages.

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If you still do not feel translation services are necessary, let’s take a look at a real-life example we have all likely experienced. If you have ever purchased a piece of furniture that requires assembly and tried to put it together using only instructions in another language or tried to read a website that has been poorly translated, it is easy to get frustrated. Now move this to an understanding of God’s Word. You may be eager to learn, but if the book, article, of Bible verse has not been translated at all or translated poorly, it can feel impossible. This is why Christian translation ministries are of such vital importance. 

If you are still uncertain about the need for translation, imagine how different the world would be if none of the great works, including the Bible had remained untranslated. Great authors of many common fairy tales, myths, things like the Diary of Anne Frank, and the Bible would not be available to understand. The world and culture would be dull and separated in ways that it was not meant to be. Translation has changed the course of the world as information can be shared between and among people much more freely. Even today, the Bible is the most translated book in the world. This means God’s Word can and is meant to be shared. 

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Christian translation services serve a great and wonderful purpose and should never be overlooked as a form of ministry. Though you may not be a writer, you can donate to Christian translation ministries or support those who are writers and can share Christian knowledge with others. Encourage others to share the Word in unique ways as well, through writing and translation services. Life would be much less rich if translation did not exist. We can use the ability of others to translate to continue the Great Commission. If there was ever a reason to support such ministries, this is it.

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