The Perfect Exercise For Older Women

No matter our age, many women seek to tone ‘problem areas’ like the inner thighs, outer thighs and butt. But cosmetics aside, keeping knees and hips healthy as we get older is just as important to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. But toning and strengthening these areas can be a challenge for many of us, especially because it can be somewhat difficult to properly work these areas h without elaborate or difficult exercises For many women, squats and lunges are simply not an option because of the amount of stress they place on sensitive knees.

The perfect Exercise For Older Women should be both effective and perfectly accessible even if you are struggling with pain, inflammation, and reduced mobility. While this may sound far-fetched, you can obtain this combination of results and functionality with a lateral trainer like The Scoop.

This specialized exercise machine utilizes circular motions and a patented lateral training movement design to tone your legs without straining or putting pressure on your knees or hips. Not only has this exercise been shown to tone the outer thighs and butt, but it is also proven to be an extremely effective cardio workout as well that actually strengthens the muscles that support your knees and hips Imagine being able to get this kind of effective workout in the comfort of your own home and without risking pain or discomfort? Now you can with The Scoop.

Why a Healthy Lower Body is Crucial For Older Women
Lower-body health is very underappreciated in our society at present. Even in gym promotions and advertisements for exercise programs, you almost always see either cardio routines or upper-body workouts being touted. However, a healthy and toned lower body is extremely important, especially as we get older.

Having healthy knees and hips helps keep you balanced and mobile. As your legs degenerate, it becomes increasingly difficult to move around and with this impaired mobility comes an increased risk of falls and injury. Not only this, inflexible, deteriorated muscles are far more likely to tear during accidents, compounding the situation. And most workouts over-train certain muscles while ignoring others, which can compound balance problems and make you more prone to injury.

Our bones also weaken as we grow older, and as bone-density loss is an issue that hits women the hardest, it is all the more reason why you need to stay strong and fit so you can remain active. However, the idea of performing weighted squats and calf raises or jogging a mile with bad knees sounds more like a nightmare than anything. The good news is that The Scoop allows you to get an effective lower body workout without risking complications or aggravation, making it the perfect exercise for older women.

The compact design of The Scoop means you will be able to reap benefits while sitting on your sofa or scrolling through Facebook at your desk. You can write, paint, or even watch a movie while utilizing the power of The Scoop and its lateral training technology. You will be able to improve your balance, your cardiovascular fitness and even achieve a more shapely, toned lower body without the need for large cumbersome equipment or overly elaborate training routines.

You can take full advantage of The Scoop today by visiting their website to order, or you can give their team a call at 844-GOSCOOP and they will assist you with your purchase and help you with all of your questions.

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