The Mumbai Dream – Living in South Mumbai

Who wouldn’t want to live a life full of comforts, all the amenities, and luxuries? A serene neighborhood offering peace and all the necessities nearby is what people crave for when deciding on home. And South Mumbai offers all of this, and a lot more.

Also called SoBo, it is one of the most preferred suburbs of Mumbai –the city of dreams. The locality boasts an old-world charm while also providing its residents all the modern amenities and facilities. This is one of the major reasons studios, 2-BHK, and 3 BHK flats in South Mumbai are gaining popularity. 

Having said this, when it comes to house-hunting, it does not come easy. There are tons of things that have to be considered such as budget, security, facilities, medical assistance, and educational institutions within close distance.

Deciding between A Home & Flat

First of all, the main thing to decide before beginning the house hunt is if you want to have a home or flat. Both of them come with their own set of pros and cons. Due to a lack of options, finding a home is a bit more tiring than flats. And with new residential projects becoming all the rage nowadays, you can easily get a flat almost anywhere in the city. It is more cost-effective. But some might have a problem with sharing amenities and with less privacy living in a building as there are many flats.

Here is what you are going to get if you live in South Mumbai:

Living in Luxury

You don’t have to live in private and posh bungalows to enjoy luxuries. SoBo has tons of facilities for its residents, even those who live in flats. The residential projects feature a contemporary design with all the features one looks for in their ideal abode. Some of Indian’s top developers and builders have constructed excellent residential communities.

And the top luxury projects come with their spa, swimming pool, gym, and eateries, etc. The environment is secure as well as ideal for family living.

Culture-enriched Life

SoBo is an example of preservation. The area has successfully and beautifully kept Mumbai’s cultural diversity intact. This is the main reason that the area is known as the cultural hub. You would see many examples of it in the form of theatres, museums, auditoriums, concert venues, and gymkhanas, etc.

Less Noise or Traffic Pollution

South Mumbai boasts a serene and peaceful environment. The noise and traffic pollution in this area of the city is rather low compared to the rest of the city where the traffic causes a raucous on the roads. That’s why so many people are heading to South Mumbai for living. Since auto-rickshaws are a loud and major contributor to noise pollution, most of the neighborhoods have restricted their entrance.. The traffic here is well-maintained due to wider roads and lanes that are covered with lush green canopies.

Easy Connectivity

Those who have to regularly commute to other parts of the city for job or study, they are not going to face any problems in terms of transport or connectivity. The area is well-connected to Mumbai’s other main areas. The traffic in South Mumbai is much better and in control. You would rarely come across a traffic jam here. For easy access to Western Suburbs, you can take the Sea Link route. And for going to Vashi or Chembur, you can take the Eastern Freeway.

Vibrant Nightlife

There are many famous clubs here that provide the residents with enjoyable places to hang out with friends and have a happening night-life. South Mumbai’s clubs are famous all over the city and people from other neighborhoods visit SoBo for the exciting nightlife. The area also houses famous cafes and restaurants. So, you would find tons of variety here in terms of food and drinks. There is something for every palate here.

So much so, that any upcoming café or hotel first tries its luck in this locality to know if it was successful in making an impression before heading to other areas.

Elite’s Habitat

South Mumbai is also called the habitat of Mumbai’s rich and elite. The main reason behind this is that most of the celebrities and artists from the fashion and film fraternity prefer this area to make their home in. That’s why South Mumbai has garnered the reputation as the exclusive neighborhood of the elite.

This is another reason why the property rates here and that of sea view apartments in Mumbai are quite high, as not everyone can afford to live here.

Living in SoBo is a dream of most of the Mumbaikers. But not everyone could afford to live here. As said earlier, it has been known as the elite’s habitat. Gradually, affordable housing has become possible as the real estate developers and builders have decided to make the area accessible to regular people too.

With new developments and the emergence of residential flats, there are plenty of options to choose from, and many potential homebuyers can make their home here and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle this neighborhood offers.

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