The Difference Between Cigar Accessories

Novice and seasoned cigar smokers can agree on one thing. There’s a difference between certain types of cigar accessories and some are better than others. Certain accessories for cigar smoking allow for a more enjoyable smoking experience and other types allow for an easier smoking session. No matter what you want to achieve from a cigar, there will be a cigar accessory that is right for you.

Let’s compare the most popular and most common accessories for cigar smoking.

Cigar Ashtray vs. Ashcan

Similar to a cigarette ashtray, a traditional cigar ashtray is used primarily to catch the excess ash from a cigar into a singular tray to maintain a clean smoking space and collect all the ash in one place. Unlike cigarettes though, cigars aren’t meant to be stamped out to stop them from burning. A good cigar smoker would know to let the cigar burn out on its own. So, a cigar ashtray allows each cigar to comfortably rest in the ashtray so it can burn out.

An ashcan is for the main purpose of travel. Most cigar ashcan can fit into any console or cup holder of your car. So if you’re on the go or like to smoke cigars while driving, this may be one of the cigar accessories for you. Ash cans are specifically designed for travel because of the screw lid that will keep cigar aromas and ash inside the ashcan.

Guillotine Cigar Cutters vs. V-Cutters

A good cigar can be ruined if cut incorrectly. If the cigar is cut in an improper way, the wrapper will become unraveled and your cigar smoke will be ruined. That’s why it’s important to know the differences between each cigar cutter, so you won’t run into any issues. The guillotine cigar cutter is the more common or traditional cutter due to its accessibility. It’s the easier cutter to use and provides a clean cut to any cigar. One disadvantage you could run into is having a dull blade. Like any good knife, the blade needs to be sharp to get that clean cut you want.

A V-Cutter on the other hand provides a deep wedge-shaped cut to allow for a more controlled and steady draw. It depends on the smoker, but this cutter gives a smaller opening, resulting in a small opening. For these types of cigar accessories, it’s mainly about personal preference and trial and error.

Torch Lighters vs. Burners

A torch lighter is the more common type of cigar lighter. Cigars take more flame to actually light than a normal cigarette does, so typical lighters you can find at the gas station won’t suffice. A torch lighter will give a strong stream of fire to evenly and effectively light your cigar.

A cigar is the more advanced or elegant lighter for someone looking for an elevated smoking experience. It appears more like a small teapot but it is filled with butane gas and a valve that allows for a steady flow of flame to be released from the burner. It is user friendly and easy to extinguish the flame.

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