The Complete Manual to Clean Your Caravans After or Before a Journey!

Whether you are just back from a tour, or ready to take off for a new one, it’s imperative to keep your caravan shining and spotless! And we are sure you’d be already doing it, but somehow either the caravan is never properly clean, or even if it is, something goes amiss right after you clean the vehicle. And we know the common reason behind it — it’s the improper methods or procedure of cleaning the caravan!

The Best Tips to Keep Your Caravans Clean!

Mostly, if you just got your vehicle from Leisure Shed, providing caravans for sale in Christchurch, it doesn’t require cleaning even though you are heading for a journey immediately. These caravans are truly glistening and extremely clean and prim looking perfectly ready to set out for a trip with you. But, if you have an older vehicle that has been standing in your garage for long, or you’re just back from a journey, you should know the proper ways of cleaning the same.

1. Pressure washing is a Big No

Using a high-pressure wash system while cleaning your caravans is going to bring you more loss than benefit. The force of the water often reaches areas in the caravan where it shouldn’t. And you’ll see the seals coming loose because of the fierce power of water. Instead, opt for a bucket and mop type of cleaning or keep the water pressure very low when using a direct cleaning system.

2. Go with Gravity

When cleaning your caravan, always follow the basic rule of gravity. Start with the top most area like the ceiling of the van or the top exterior point and then clean the bottom part. You will clean up the caravan faster and easier by following this rule.

3. Keep a Check on your Detergent

Though there can be some really tough stains and grime on your campervan after a trip, but it’s always better to use mild and bleach-free detergent. The harsh one will snatch its natural beauty and gleam — and though your vehicle will look clean but would seem older than it actually is.

3. Vacuum the Interiors

If you are off for a journey or back from it, don’t miss cleaning the interiors thoroughly. There can be lots of germs and dust in the caravan that need to be tended to in order to keep the vehicle clean from inside as well.

4. Pay Special Attention to Nooks and Corners

Your caravan has some really narrow corners that are often missed while you tidy it up. And these do stay dirty and start smelling — which obviously ruins the ambiance in the vehicle (This is unbearable especially when you are heading for a journey in it). That’s why special emphasis should be given to all the hidden corners and far-reaching places of the vehicle to keep it clean, tidy and germ-free totally!

With this manual, you aren’t going to be misguided and your caravan would stay spic and span always! So, the next time you’re off to a journey or back from it, read this once before you tend to your travel partner! 

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