The Complete Guide to Create a Social Media Strategy Plan for 2021 and Beyond

The Complete Guide to Create a Social Media Strategy Plan for 2021 and Beyond

Social media has emerged as an exciting new marketing frontier during the past decade. There are various reasons why it is such a preferred platform for promoting both big and small businesses. Firstly, digital marketing mostly costs you nothing. Its audience reach is immense. And there are new and interesting features being added all the time to make effective campaigns. Social media itself helps you along in creating bigger and better strategies for marketing your business.

However, there is a certain way and order to do things on social media in order to fully benefit from it. When you online with a business perspective in mind, you cannot post any and everything you feel like. There must be an organized and well-researched strategy which should be followed. This ensures that the hours and resources you are putting in it are not going to waste. Our guide will assist you in creating just that. Your promotional strategies will become most effective if you follow these steps.

Think about why your brand is on social media

Finding an answer to this will help create specific marketing goals. Are you on social media to generate traffic for your website? Or is it just to promote your services or products to a larger audience? Or making yourself accessible online for your customers is the aim?

There are nine basic social media goals that you might have:

  1. Driving traffic
  2. Increasing brand awareness
  3. Generating new lead
  4. Boosting engagement
  5. Growing revenue
  6. Providing social customer services
  7. Building a community linked to your business
  8. Increasing press mentions
  9. Observing the reputation of your brand

You can have one or multiple of these goals. That is fine as long as you have an efficient strategy to take them forward. It is wiser to focus on a few goals and increase them gradually if you do not have a team. If you do have a big team then each goal can be handled by different people or groups. For example, at college essay writing service, our marketing team increases brand awareness and generates traffic through social media. While our customer support department is busy providing the best service possible to clients online.

Figure out your target audience

, The Complete Guide to Create a Social Media Strategy Plan for 2021 and Beyond

The second important thing to consider is who exactly is your target audience. Knowing this will guide along the rest of your social media strategy. A lifestyle and travel brand, for example, will know that its audience would love reading travelling tips. And knowing about new and beautiful destinations. Therefore, they will be sharing content related to this theme on their social media.

You can build a marketing persona if your target audience is unclear to you. Ask yourself the following questions to determine who your potential customers would be:

  • Who are they? This will include defining their age, gender, location, pay scale and profession.
  • What can attract their interest? Entertaining, educational, financially helpful content or anything else?
  • What are their preferred social media platforms? Niche platforms or Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest?
  • At what time do you think they will mostly be online? Weekends, to and from work, late night?
  • Why would they consume your content? Is it to improve certain skills, healthcare, stay updated with trends?
  • How would they prefer the content to be? Blog, posts, photos, or video posts?

What sort of content will you be sharing?

The answer to this question would encompass more than just deciding whether your posts will be text based or visual. But when creating a professional social media strategy, you must think of the bigger picture. Instead of just focusing on the type of content, give more thought to the theme.

Following are some brands with their themes to give you a better idea:

  • Our service to buy cheap essay online shares photos and posts that are interesting to students. They can be both entertaining and educational.
  • Burrow, a brand for luxury couches, most often share memes.
  • Huckberry, an adventure and outdoor brand shares content that is editorial. Or high-quality pictures of outdoor locations.

Brands can have more than one themes to post about on social media. This keeps their feed engaging and appealing to their consumers. As long as it does not stray far from your product and services, this strategy can effectively build up your social media presence.

Where should you be sharing your content?

, The Complete Guide to Create a Social Media Strategy Plan for 2021 and Beyond

You know what you are going to share. So, the next thing to determine is which social media platform will be ideal for it? Remember that your brand does not have to be on every social media channel. But being on the four major ones will help immensely: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Because they pop up topmost on Google search when people search for you.

When should you share?

The final part of your social media strategy will be figuring out when to share your content. So that it would be seen and engaged with the most be your target audience. You must focus on consumer behavior to figure that out. Ask yourself when they would be using their social media to find the content you will share.

Following are a few examples:

  • Athletes are more likely to be online when they are taking a break after their morning or evening workout.
  • People who love travelling would be going through social media more on the weekends, on holidays, or during lunch hours. These are the times they are most likely to think about and plan trips.
  • Mothers of infants would be active online mostly after their children are in bed.

Here our guide to creating a successful social media strategy comes to a close. Developing it can be difficult at first as you have to think from a totally different perspective. It requires studying people’s behaviours and envisioning a bigger picture. But once it is implemented and starts working then it can be greatly rewarding. Your business can expand and evolve in leaps and bounds with social media marketing at its back.

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