The Best Venture Capital Firms in India

The Best Venture Capital Firms in India

In the development and growth of a new start-up, businesses play an important role. If it wasn’t the VC companies, then there might not have been many famous start-ups that we know today.

The foundation of innovation is venture capital companies. If an organisation needs to thrive, expand and become prosperous, then VC companies are there to help.

Funding is extremely crucial; once start-ups and small businesses have entered the stage of growth, a considerable amount of capital is needed to allow them to smoothly escalate further.

Here is a list of some of India’s top VC firms. You can see any of the essential data regarding these venture capital companies Funding for Blockchain startups in India.

Venture Capital Firms in India, The Best Venture Capital Firms in India


In the Digital Transformation and Healthcare industries, Endiya is the co-founder of Venture Capital for entrepreneurs developing product start-ups.

By filling the funding gap between Angel and Series A rounds, the founders of Endiya have encountered difficult, lonely paths. This is the largest venture capital firms in India

They invest almost entirely on the basis of the market size, momentum, and essence of the company’s solution to the problem.

They are proud of superior investor returns, have been there from the beginning for founders, have been there for growth to meaningful industry-defining exits, producing superior investor returns.

Blume Ventures

Formed in 2011, Blume Ventures is one of India’s largest venture capital companies, regarded as the ‘Founder’s VC’. With over a decade of experience in start-up finance, they also give these upcoming entrepreneurs full support and mentoring here.

With potential innovations, Blume Ventures has funded over 60 different startups and helped them to develop themselves in the competitive market.

Accel Partners

Established in 1983, Accel Partners is an American company with a presence in developing countries such as China and India. This VC company has supported hundreds of businesses and focuses mainly on businesses with internet technology.

Accel Partners concentrate only on businesses in the area of Internet technology. In India given the nature of the company, Accel could invest from $500K to $50 million.

Sequoia Capital India

One of India’s foremost venture capitalist firms is Sequoia Capital India. For sectors such as financial services, healthcare, the Internet, technology and outsourcing, an American company formed in 1972 by Don Valentine has funded a variety of start-ups.

Matrix Partners

Matrix Partners is a venture capital company headquartered in the United States that invests in seed and early-stage startups. The organisation has the ideology of being “Founders First,” i.e. not only investing money in future high-growth firms, but also supporting them in significant areas such as recruiting, strategic alliances, etc.

Venture Capital Firms in India, The Best Venture Capital Firms in India

Saif Partners

Since 2001, SAIF Partners has been investing and is one of India’s most active VC firms. The administrators of the fund handle assets worth 400 Crores USD. SAIF, with headquarters in China and India, invests in start-ups along their journey, from seed capital to high growth capital tickets.

SAIF partners have funded businesses of over $1 trillion in value. It began in 2001 in India. Investing in industries such as IT, consumer goods and the Internet.

Nexus Venture Partners

Another name in the list of top venture capital firms in India to look out for is Nexus Venture Partners. In their early stages, they invest mainly in small companies and start-ups that stand out in creativity and differentiation.

From $500,000 to $10 million, Nexus Venture Partners will invest. Venture Intelligence APEX awarded India’s Best Venture Capital Company for 2009 & 2012 to Nexus Venture Partners.

Start-up founders could visit the location of these VC companies and contact the Best venture capital firms in India for seed funding.

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